New Year | New You: 3 Reasons You Must Switch2Pure Makeup

By Estela Cockrell

New Year | New You: 3 Reasons You Must Switch2Pure Makeup

New Year | New You

Time to jumpstart your January and Switch2Pure makeup.  The New Year is a time of improvements, not only within ourselves, but perhaps the environment as well. There are the usual things like walking more and driving less, reducing waste, eating the right foods, and giving ourselves a much needed break. While you are thinking about ways to "cleanse and eat healthier", it’s also worth taking a look at your beauty routine and ditching the chemically loaded red lipstick and black mascara for GOOD!  Lucky for your with Switch2Pure we have made it easy to #freeyourself with our wonderfully curated (high performing) nontoxic makeup #greenbeauty #cleanbeauty.  We have sourced brands from all over the globe and they meet European standards, Australian Standards and Canadian Standards to start...

Makeup has been around for centuries, and luckily, the days of putting lead, talc, and mercury on your face and lips should long be over. However, most mass marketed companies still use animal products or testing, synthetics ingredients and preservatives, nano particles, talc and even lead.  Nothing like a little napalm in the morning.  No thanks! 


The BEAUTY | There’s more and more natural and nontoxic makeup brands and we have them here:  Fit Glow, Alima Pure, Lily Lolo, Saint Cosmetic, Au Naturale, Caley, and Social Paint to name a few. 

At Switch2Pure, we believe that clean beauty doesn’t need to be complicated. We take the guesswork out of switching to safer with products that are put pure-yet-powerful. We pore over every label, obsess over every ingredient and test every product—so you don’t have to. Then we send you tried-and-true products based on your own wants and needs, so you can discover your new toxin-free favorites—and clean up your skincare regimen for good.  You can thank us later :)

The TRUTH | For those who don’t already know, let’s get down to the basics of what some of the ingredients are contained in “drugstore or department store beauty counters" makeup. We’ve rounded up a few of the MANY toxins😷: for starters, lead a known carcinogen are found in a majority of mass marketed lipsticks (although this dirty little secret would never be listed because technically it isn't an ingredient, but instead a contaminant – GROSS). Talc- a bulking agent - can contain asbestos and even asbestos-free versions have been under investigation for being a possible carcinogen. And finally, mercury has been found in mascaras and other beauty products and has been linked to brain development and neurotoxicity.

Admit it: we all have that makeup drawer that includes a foundation a shade-too-dark from that time we tried contouring or that way-too-red lipstick that easily smudges. With that in mind, it's time to do a clean sweep and start fresh this #JumpStartJanuary #FreeYourself and #DitchIt.  Our collection of makeup lines are SO effective and have amazingly deep, long lasting pigments and hues (without all the synthetic preservatives, lead, and carcinogens found in other mass marketed brands). Don’t sweat it though, we’ve done the research and got you covered.💅🏼

So come on ladies, let’s not eat lead for breakfast!! #OutWithTheOld #InWithTheNew #MakeTheSwitch✌️🏻

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