It's Crystal Clear, Crystal Rolling is the Thing to Do! | Switch2Pure

By Estela Cockrell

It's Crystal Clear, Crystal Rolling is the Thing to Do! | Switch2Pure

It is crystal clear, facial rollin' is the thing to do!


The tool that celebrities, facialists, starlets, and hippies alike are all obsessing over — The use of crystal rollers has taken off! These heavenly tools are used to massage, remineralize, support lymphatic drainage and penetrate product (Your fav S2P oil, duh!), and so much more. It is honestly no wonder that people are attached to their new crystal facial routines!

Facialists far & wide have been infusing this natural wonder in their routine and with all of these natural benefits, it is crystal clear that a crystal roller is in your future too! These literal & figurative gems are also used for tissue repair, collagen stimulation, eczema, puffiness, detoxification, fine lines and the list goes on of the healing that crystal rolling provides! Rose quartz, in particular, is known for it's ability to increase circulation, detoxification and self love. The Jade stone is known to help relax the nervous system and eliminate toxins from the skin. It is also believed that Jade carries a healing energy! Both can penetrate your favorite oils into the skin much deeper than your regular application does, giving you even more of a difference in fine lines & wrinkles when using roller with your go-to oil! 


At Switch2Pure, we knew that crystals were a definite 'must' & now they are a top trending item that is here to stay! 


Queue to Stephanie Zheng. Stephanie started using her grandmother’s Jade roller many years ago. (P.S. Jade rollers have been used for thousands of years, thanks to ancient Chinese skincare techniques!) So when Stephanie tried to purchase one of her own, she found that it was difficult to find a roller with integrity of both pure quality and design. Stephanie's thoughts on Jade vs. Rose Quartz: "Both have the soothing benefits that facial rolling provides. In terms of properties, jade retains its coolness for long periods of time and is balancing for both mind and body. Rose quartz has calming properties and aids in meditation and reflection. In terms of differences, the Rose Quartz Facial Roller is more lightweight than the Jade Roller but both are great to have in your beauty cabinet." says Stephanie. Thankfully, Stephanie knew she could trust her curated, cruelty free, all natural products at S2P for her crystal roller search. 

So Now You have a Decision to Make: Which Crystal Should You Choose? 


Jade Crystal Roller - Detoxifying, ideal for wrinkles and loose skin, helps promotes immunity, regeneration, calms the skin, ideal increasing skin elasticity and encouraging lymphatic drainage. 


 Rose Quartz Crystal Roller -Anti-aging, skin infusing (magnesium, iron, oxygen), reduces inflammation, supports renewal of skin cells, and flushing of old skin cells.

For best results, pair your trusty skin enhancing roller with a facial oil! 

You'll see maximum, youthful, glowing skin results when pairing with any of our antioxidant, omega rich Face Oils, Hyaluronic Acid or our Olie Rose Glow Drops!

Now Let's Get Rolling!