Are Your Products Flammable?

By Estela Cockrell

Are Your Products Flammable?

Did you know most mass-marketed products are ACTUALLY flammable? 🔥 


Paraffin is a flammable, byproduct of petroleum jelly. Products containing paraffin are comedogenic. (Pore-clogging and flammable? Awesome!)

The supple (not the good kind of supple either) substance is known to be flammable — it's SERIOUSLY the first adjective in the dictionary's definition of paraffin — but warnings on product labels are unclear. We need clear labels, please!

So why is it used in beauty products if it is flammable?!

Since the product is inexpensive, manufacturers find it improves their bottom line and helps your skin “feel” moisturized. Trust us, our products are super hydrating without the paraffin. We promise you will not catch on fire or have clogged pores!

Skin creams are not just flammable, but almost every conventional (like that you would find at the drugstore) beauty product is LOADED with toxins. There are nearly 13,000 chemicals in personal care products on shelves today and ONLY 10 percent have been tested for safety. THAT'S NUTS!

The U.S. does not require chemicals to be proven safe before being sold. Only after a product has demonstrated harm, has been misbranded or adulterated, may the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) take action. According to the FDA’s description of their authority over cosmetics.*

P.S. If your using skin-care products with paraffin on a regular basis but don't change or wash your bedding/clothing often, the paraffin residue can soak into the fabric. Then, if that fabric comes in contact with a cigarette, or a flame from a heater or candle, that residue can cause a fire which is exactly what we do not want happening, EVER! 

Ready to make the switch to paraffin-free?

If you notice paraffin in your current skin care products make sure to not smoke or be near those who are smoking, don't go near flames, and change your clothing/bedding regularly until you fully stop using paraffin products! 

We don't want you lighting up! (literally)

PRO TIP: instead of your mani/pedi ending with paraffin wax treatment, opt out and moisturize with products containing natural oils like coconut and shea butter.

Shop our skincare and make-up! (ALL without the paraffin!) 

*Info from the FDA