5 Easy, Effective Non-Toxic Switches You'll Fall For | Switch2Pure

By Bold Apps

5 Easy, Effective Non-Toxic Switches You'll Fall For | Switch2Pure

Put Your Best Face Forward This Season, Safely (Things to Avoid in Makeup)

Here are a few things you will find in your well marketed beauty/makeup products:

Lead a known carcinogen is found in a majority of mass marketed lipsticks (although this dirty little secret would never be listed because technically it isn't an ingredient but instead a contaminant - Nasty....we know!)

Talc is a bulking agent.  In its natural state can contain asbestos and even asbestos-free versions have been under investigation for being a possible carcinogen. 

Quaternium-15 is a preservative that maintains shelf life but it releases formaldehyde.  We aren't dead yet, so let's avoid this embalming agent! 

Zinc stearate might give you the synthetic glow, but this anti caking agent and colorant has been linked to respiratory issues.  Got asthma?!  So why start now?!

Parabens are often in beauty and skincare products as a preservatives.  They are linked to cancer, endocrine disruption and so much more.  Just SAY NO TO PARABENS!


Fragrance is a catch all where many manufacturers hide other ingredients.  Since there is a multitude of items in this category that are associated with cancer, asthma and so much more....we say, "that stinks!"

Mercury has been found in mascaras and other beauty products and has been linked to brain development and neurotoxicity.  

You are busy, you get the drift.  We think these easy and effective SWITCHES will have you glowing without the side of toxins!  Check out our Purist List where we explain exactly what we ban from our ingredients at Switch2Pure.

1) Mascara

2) Lipgloss, stains, and sticks

3) Foundation and Powder

4) Eye shadow

5) Nail Polish