Thank you, Purists!

By Estela Cockrell

Thank you, Purists!

Gratitude is more than a sweeping statement of niceties and “thanks”…it’s the quality to which you are thankful.  A true, deep, authentic feeling.  Gratitude is to thankful as joy is to happiness. We are so grateful it makes us GLOW.

This time of year we get to consider with great gratitude all we have accomplished, together and because of YOU. You, us, we, #teamswitch, our tribe of #purists have done so much this year. We’ve learned, shared, experienced more in the past 12 months, than we could have imagined or ever have planned. A huge, giant, big, gianormous virtual hug and thank you goes to YOU because without you there would be no one to appreciate. You came out in full-force on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK, online and in person to not only show your support, but also to continue to evolve your beauty routines, skincare lineups, and just complete your personal wellness journey. You accepted us for exactly who we were in every stage of our growth. We thank you for this grace and beauty and for the recognition that we are still and will always be “evolving”.

Recently I was asked by Beauty Independent, an online beauty publication if we had met my 2018 goals. To which, I sat back and then answered…..”if you mean financially, well, then we have room to grow…if you mean by connecting with our purists, sharing our message, enlightening those who care about clean skincare and luxury green beauty products, their wellness journey with food and vitamin deficiency testing, by teaching teens and kids, and really seeing and hearing people and their concerns (in a fun way I might add) then we have met them and then some (thousands times over).

We have loved connecting with all of you over the past 12 months (a few of our fave gratitude moments linked here). So please accept a big, huge virtual, bestie-kind-of HUG. You know the kind of hug, when you hang on tight, just a split-second or 2, too long, just to relish in the gratitude filled energy being exchanged. It’s pure joy! That kind of HUG with all those ‘feels’.

Hope you will continue to share the PURE love this holiday season.  Forget Sephora and gift cards when you can give the gift of CLEAN BEAUTY!!  From beauty oils, lipgloss to Kits - from Detox in a Box to Teen Gone Clean, gifting just got easy! We know you are thankful for a deal so check out some of our latest must have for gifting here....