Adaptogen Cheat Sheet

By Estela Cockrell

Adaptogen Cheat Sheet

Adaptogens are plants that help our bodies adapt to mental, physical, and/or emotional stress. Adaptogens help the body get back into balance by supporting the adrenal glands (tiny glands that make our stress and sex hormones) and often improving the central nervous system.  People LOVE adaptogens for their mood enhancement, energy, and cognition. Whether you fancy the pre-mixed or individual adaptogens, outlined below is our guide to the adaptogens we think may be right for you!


(PS - more than one adaptogen is often needed) (PSS - Use adaptogens in smoothies, with nut milk, in baked goods, or in your coffee).  Also, check out some of our recipes HERE



Supercharge your brain with Lion's Mane, Gotu Kola, Rhodiola & Ginkgo Biloba

This brain-boosting adaptogen combines lion's mane, Gotu Kola, and Rhodiola & ginkgo in one handy packet to give that brain the equilibrium it needs.  This powerful combo is touted to enhance concentration, support mental clarity helps with alertness and overall cognitive function.  Deadlines, carpool, scheduling - this Brain Buzz is the answer!  Say HELLO BRAIN BUZZ:  Cognition-Enhancing Focus & Alertness, Memory-Boosting Energizing, Banishes Brain Fog, Promotes Long-term Brain Health, Mood-Elevating Adaptogenic. This elixir is perfect for powering through long hours of work or meetings or getting in the zone for reading, writing, or other creative work. It is great taken daily to support long-term brain health.

Get buzzin'.  


  • Powering through long hours of work, meetings, or studying.

  • Getting in the zone for reading, writing, or other creative work.

  • Meeting deadlines or prepping for exams.

  • Helping you perform at your mental best through busy days & hectic schedules.

  • High-achievers looking for a boost in productivity.

Tastes like:  Pleasantly herbal, creamy, smooth, balanced 

How to use:  Mix packet into warm water, coffee, tea, nut milk, or smoothie. Stir, sip, and enjoy the magic.


Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract

Natural nootropic and super mushroom are known for its exceptional ability to help boost concentration, improve memory, and promote long term brain health.

Wildcrafted Gotu Kola Extract

Known as the "herb of enlightenment", this calm-energy adaptogen helps improve cognition, memory, and mood, while helping to reduce anxiety and calm the nerves.

Wildcrafted Rhodiola Extract

Sourced from the pristine Altai Mountains of Siberia, this powerful adaptogen supports sustained energy, physical and mental performance, and an increased capacity to handle stress.

Organic Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Natural nootropic herb that helps improve circulation to the brain and enhance memory, cognition, and mood. Interestingly enough, Ginkgo Biloba trees are some of the oldest living tree species on the planet, with the oldest living trees over 1,000 years old!

*detailed ingredient description here!



Enhance sustained energy & stamina with Cordyceps, Eleuthero, Rhodiola & Asian Ginseng

Supertonic Energy is an all-natural, caffeine-free power fuel that helps boost energy levels, physical and mental stamina, and performance while fighting fatigue and sluggishness. This energizing yet nourishing blend is great for powering through long hours of work or meetings, fueling up for busy days on-the-go, or crushing (and recovering from) those killer workouts.

You've got this.


  • Energizing, Increases Physical & Mental Stamina

  • Fights Fatigue & Sluggishness

  • Awakening

  • Enhances Athletic Performance, Speeds Muscle Recovery

  • Mood-Elevating 

Great for:

  • Powering through long hours of work or meetings.

  • Fueling up for busy days on-the-go.

  • When you don't get adequate sleep or nutrition.

  • When you're working late nights or have demanding schedules.

  • Those with active lifestyles, athletes, and workout lovers.

How to use:

Mix packet into warm water, coffee, tea, nut milk, or smoothie. Stir, sip, and enjoy the magic.

Tastes like:

Rooty, creamy, slightly bitter, hint of cinnamon


Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Extract

Once reserved for the royal family of China and used by Chinese Olympic Athletes to win gold medals, this super mushroom helps increase energy, reduce fatigue, and enhance performance. This antioxidant-packed mushroom delivers oxygen to the body on a cellular level and boosts ATP production (the body’s main energy supply source), which results in increased energy and stamina. We use Cordyceps Militaris, which is 100% vegan, and we only use the fruiting body of the mushroom with no mycelium, starch, or fillers of any kind.

Organic Eleuthero Extract

Eleuthero, also known as Siberian Ginseng, is one of the most well-researched adaptogens. Studies have shown this tonic herb helps increase stamina, enhance performance, and prevent immune depletion while working under stressful conditions (such as lack of sleep, heat, noise, motion, and workload increase). It has been widely used by Russian athletes to prepare for the Olympic Games, factory workers to increase their work output while reducing fatigue, and was even included in the space program for cosmonauts in the late 1970s.

Wildcrafted Rhodiola Extract

This powerful adaptogen supports sustained energy, physical and mental performance, and an increased capacity to handle stress. Our Rhodiola is only harvested after a minimum of 4-year growth to ensure quality and potency and has been clinically studied for its positive effects on energy management. 


Chill out and unplug with Reishi and Ashwagandha

Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed the f*@# out, or just need some zen in your life? We've got you. Yoga In A Cup is a soothing, balancing elixir that helps reduce stress and anxiety, calm the mind and body, and promote an overall sense of inner zen. Add it to your morning latte for calm, blissful energy, or drink it with warm water or nut milk in the evening to wind down after a long, stressful day to get a good night of deep, restful sleep.



  • Relieves Stress & Anxiety

  • Calms the Mind & Body

  • Balancing

  • Promotes Inner Zen

  • Mood-Elevating

  • Improves Sleep Quality

  • Helps Curb Stress-Related Food Cravings

  • Adaptogenic

Great for:

  • When you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed.

  • Calming your mind and body before the day starts.

  • Unwinding and chilling out after a long, stressful day.

  • Getting a good night of deep, restful sleep.

    How to use:

    Mix packet into warm water, coffee, tea, nut milk, or smoothie. Stir, sip, and enjoy the magic.

    Tastes like:

    Nutty, oaky, rich, smooth, a warm holiday


    Organic Reishi Mushroom Extract

    Known as the “mushroom of immortality” and long used by Taoist monks to enhance meditation, this super mushroom helps reduce anxiety, relax the mind, and promote an overall sense of calm and centeredness. This adaptogenic mushroom is also known for its ability to help improve the quality of sleep.

    Organic Ashwagandha Extract

    This powerful and restorative Ayurvedic herb helps reduce stress and anxiety and calm the mind and body without drowsiness. This balancing adaptogen also helps reduce cortisol levels and keep stress-related food cravings at bay.

    Organic Cinnamon

    Sustainably sourced from Indonesia.

    Organic Nutmeg

    Calming, aromatic spice known for its ability to relieve anxiety, improve sleep quality, and aid in proper digestion.

    *detailed ingredient description here!



    Boost daily immunity & vitality with 5 superhero mushrooms: Chaga, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Maitake, Shiitake, Astragalus & Ashwagandha.   

    Immune Shrooms is a powerful, synergistic combination of immune-boosting mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs to help strengthen, protect, and balance the immune system. This anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich elixir is great for when you're feeling worn down, fatigued, and need to revitalize your body and recharge your immune system.

    Get boosted up!


    • Immune Boosting

    • Nourishing & Grounding

    • Restores Daily Energy Levels

    • Enhances Vitality & Wellbeing

    • Great while Traveling

    • Antioxidant-rich

    • Reduces Inflammation

    • Aids in Proper Digestion

    Great for:

    • When you’re feeling worn down, fatigued, or depleted.

    • Daily immune support and strengthening of overall body systems (like a daily mushroom vitamin).

    • Restoring energy levels and overall vitality so you can function at your optimal best.

    • Those who travel often and are constantly on the road (and more likely to get sick)

    Tastes like:

    Grounding, Earthy, Rich, Coffee-like, Hint of Cacao

    How to use:

    Mix packet into warm water, coffee, tea, nut milk, or smoothie. Stir, sip, and enjoy the magic.


    Organic Immune Shroom Army: Chaga, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Maitake, Shiitake

    This synergistic blend of five immunomodulating mushrooms helps strengthen and support the immune system, fight inflammation, and aid in proper digestion. We use only the highest quality mushroom extracts from the fruiting body with no mycelium, grain, starch, or fillers of any kind.

    Organic Astragalus Extract

    Known as “the great protector”, this superior immune tonic and adaptogen helps strengthen a weak immune system and restore overall health and vitality to the body.

    Organic Ashwagandha Extract

    This powerful and restorative Ayurvedic herb helps to reduce stress, nourish and strengthen immune function, and decrease inflammation. Our Ashwagandha is sustainably sourced from family-operated organic farms in India and is the most concentrated full-spectrum root extract available on the market today.

    Organic Licorice Extract

    Used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine to harmonize herbal formulas, this naturally sweet herb helps to synergize the blend while relieving fatigue, enhancing immunity, and aiding in proper digestion.

    *detailed ingredient description here!




    Ashitaba: “Tomorrow’s Leaf”

    • Beauty + Longevity

    • Skin

    • Nervous System

    • Rich Source of B Vitamins

    • Anti-Aging

    • Good for digestion

    • Detox Support

      Ashwagandha: (“Indian ginseng”)

      • Physical and mental health support

      • Relieve Stress + Calm the Mind

      • Sexuality and Mood

      • Anti-depressant

      • Enhances memory

      • Increases Energy

      • Supports Immune System

        **Check out our recipe for High Vibe Latte made with Ashwagandha and Chaga powder from our Wellness Director! 

        Chlorella Powder

        • Good Source of Protein

        • Helps with weight management

        • Increases energy

        • Supports Detox

        • Helps Balance hormones

          Chaga mushroom powder “King Healer”

          • Supports Adrenal Health

          • B Vitamins

          • Melanin

          • Zinc

          • Improves Energy

          • Detox Support

          • Immune Boosting

          • Anti-cancer and antioxidant

          • Full of Antioxidants

            **Check out our recipe for a Strawberry Almond Chai Parfait made with chaga powder!

            Cordyceps "Cleanses the liver"

            • Improves Brain Function

            • Protein Essential Fatty Acids

            • Supports Athletic Endurance

            • Increases Energy

            • Stimulates the immune system

            • Can help fight Colds

                He Shou Wu

                • Supports hair, skin and nail growth

                • Anti-aging

                • Improved focus and energy

                • Calms the Nervous

                • Good source of Oxygen

                  Green Adaptogen Powder

                  • Increases energy

                  • Maca for Adrenal and Hormonal Balance

                  • Helps with Menstrual Cramps and Menopause

                  • Improves Skin

                  • Helps combat stress

                  • Natural Form of Electrolytes 

                    Mucuna Puriens “The Velvet Bean Plant”     

                    • Great for brain function

                    • Adrenal Support

                    • Enhances Mood

                    • Helps combat cravings

                    • Helps improve sleep

                    • Balances hormones

                      Rhodiola “Golden or Rose Root, Rose of Heaven”

                      • Promotes focus

                      • Reduces Stress

                      • May benefit feelings of anxiety and depression

                      • Balances mood

                      • Increases stamina

                      • Supports healthy weight management

                      • Anti-Aging


                        • Full of micronutrients

                        • Good for glowing skin

                        • Detox Support

                        • Good for muscle function

                        • Supports heart health


                          **Don't forget to check out our Wellness Now Program, a program to help optimize your health!