Marla Murphy, Founder of The Blonde Pantry

By Jeanie Pham

Marla Murphy, Founder of The Blonde Pantry

Marla Murphy is a Registered and Licensed dietitian and food is her passion. "I am not perfect and my favorite guilty pleasure is eating cake for breakfast. I am the definition of a ‘foodie’; I went to college to study … food!! Nothing makes me happier than trying a new restaurant with a ridiculously tasty menu and a delicious wine list. I also care very much about my health and lifestyle. I enjoy being fit, active and healthy and while it might seem like being a foodie and being a dietitian are on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, they are not. Eating indulgent food shouldn’t feel like a punishment. My mission in life is to help people change the way we define health, to step back from nit-picking nutrition/fitness and look at the bigger picture: personal wellness. The Blonde Pantry is about being in the kitchen and making something like hamburger and French fries not only taste good but also nourish our bodies in a positive way… guilt free.  Excited to do collaborate with Switch2pure on a giveaway and a few of our fave recipes like our matcha latte


1. Fave season staples?

- I have super fair-skin so my most coveted season staple is definitely a great SPF. This not only helps protect my sin from advanced aging, but prevents dark spots! I've also been loving using the Quartz Roller at night and in the morning after putting on my serums!

2. Fave Switch2Pure Kit?

- I've been obsessed with the Road Warrior kit! It is perfect for summer traveling and is a no brainer for having my favorites on hand when packing in a pinch! The small toothbrush and the laundry tube is brilliant and lifesaving!

3. Fave vacation spot?

Maybe I am biased, but my in-laws have a summer home in Chester, Canada and I have spent our free time there in the summer since high school. It is a small sailboat town with old world charms and I always free at such peace spending time with my husband and family. I can truly relax and just enjoy our time off there.

4.Fave health & wellness tip?

- After using any serums with Vitamin C, you must use sunscreen to get the benefits from the Vitamin C or the sun will erase all your hard work.

5. Fave fashion statement?

- I don't have a favorite fashion statement piece but I do have a statement look. I love a good natural color pallet. Give me all the black, white, beige and grey! I like having a personal uniform that makes traveling, work, and casual wear easy to mix and match.

6. What's in my bag?

- For me, it's sunscreen, a natural lip color (Current fave is Au Naturale Lip Stains), blot papers for oily skin, sunglasses, mints, and of course, some Blonde Pantry snacks!


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