Lauren B. Beauty Founder (7-Free, Cruelty Free Nail Polish) | Switch2Pure

By Estela Cockrell

Lauren B. Beauty Founder (7-Free, Cruelty Free Nail Polish) | Switch2Pure

The S2P Team took some time to sit down with Lauren B., the founder of Lauren B. Beauty. Lauren told us some of her favorite switches, trends, & S2P products that she couldn't live without. Read more to find out what Lauren B. loves! 

Favorite season staple beauty, skincare, home:

My Fall beauty staple is oil for face and body. I find myself making frequent transitions from the crisp outdoors to the warm, dry indoors, and taking extra long, hot showers, cozying up by the fire (yes we do this in CA), This all takes a toll on my skin and I find it gets easily parched. I love a nutrient rich oil to replenish moisture and make skin glow.

Favorite S2P product is Lebon Toothpaste in Le White, My father used to tell me, when I was a little girl, that I should smile as much as I could, and I took that to heart (that and I think I am a pretty happy person most of the time).  A smile can be your best attribute and something I am proud of! Now my smile is whiter and brighter (minus toxins) thanks to S2P!

Favorite trend setter blogger to follow:

This is my guilty pleasure and hard to choose only a few.  I am currently swooning over everything on @theblondesalad also love @iamwellandgood and so many more.

Favorite fashion statement this season (fall):

I love bold colors, lots of layers, cozy sweaters, scarfs always, and pops of vintage accessories to complete an outfit. Of course, I believe that nails are every women’s best accessory and can tie together any outfit making you look polished and put together. Fun earthy neutrals and metallic are always a fun fall nail choice.

Fave vacation spot for that season:

I am traveling to Asia in October, Thailand, HK, and Japan. I also love the East Coast (Boston, in particular) in the Fall.

Fave kit:

This is a hard choice! -- I Love the Glam Squad, but definitely also my must haves include Road Warrior, and Immune Boost. The S2P kits also make such great gifts, I cannot wait to gift one of my new mother friends the Baby Your Baby kit. So hard to choose only one!

Favorite health and wellness tip:

I try to practice life in balance! Also, as I mentioned before, smile often because life is short, and surround yourself with positive people, that are supportive and smarter than you.

Why you switched?

It is important for me to live a healthy lifestyle, and to not only talk the talk but to also walk the walk. It was through my negative experiences and what I saw working in the beauty industry coupled with the research and launch of Lauren B, when I made the commitment to myself to switch to pure, clean beauty. I then took that a step further with my home and families health and eating as well. I launched my brand because I believe that women deserve to have simple luxuries to make them feel beautiful! I feel that Switch2Pure perfectly embodies why I switched and I have been able to make effective, easy switches thanks to S2P!