Crystal Mathis, Health Extraordinaire

By Jeanie Pham

Crystal Mathis, Health Extraordinaire

A Neuromusclar Therapist and Health Coach, this native Houstonian and natural beauty walks the walk. She works hard at providing the best massages and coaching from a balanced and holistic approach. Based in the Heights, she loves to focus on neuromuscular massage which consists of alternating levels of concentrated pressure on the areas of muscle spasm.

Crystal says, " I want to provide everyone with the tools and knowledge to take control of their health. To help people find a path that works for them and all the while being there to provide knowledge, encouragement and moral support.

I've always wanted to be a superhero. I feel as if I've gone my entire life somewhat convinced that one day I will wake up to discover that one of my parents will turn out to be some celestial being and that my unfulfilled destiny is to protect the people of earth. 

Well, sadly there has been no major revelation that I am anything more than a normal human being. 

Despite my lack of super human powers, perhaps I still might be able to save the world in my own small way. I want to help everyone feel empowered and find positivity and strength within themselves.

I am here to help you and even though I'm no Wonder Woman, maybe one day I can help you to become your own superhero."

Who is ready for a massage?


Favorite season staples?

- Let's face it, here in Houston, we don't really have seasons. Houston is always typically hot & humid, but no matter what time of year, sunscreen & moisturizer are essential! I do suffer with mild eczema so daily, all over, moisturizer is my one MUST HAVE for every season.


Favorite Switch2Pure kit?

- The first kit I ever purchased with Switch2pure was the Immune Boost and I've been a loyal fan ever since! I recommend it to my family, friends, clients, EVERYONE!!


Favorite vacation spot?

- Owning my own business doesn't always means a lot of travel for vacation, BUT when I am able to get away I LOVE getting back to nature! I love to hike and camp in the great outdoors and explore everything I don't usually get a chance to see, because I like in the city! I've hiked mountains and glaciers in Alaska, explored the hills and coastlines of California, hiked and camped on the trails in Utah and I've recently returned from a trip to Cuba where I found time to hike the vast hill country and explore tobacco and coffee farms. Every time I hike and spend time in nature, it helps remind me of what is truly important in like. I'm planning my ext hiking adventure for the Spring of 2019 where I will help my husband celebrate his 40th birthday on trail! 


Favorite health and wellness tip?

- Being a Health Coach and Neuromusclar Therapist, I get to hear ad see, first hand, the various affects 'health and beauty' trends can have on both men and women. There's so  much conflicting information out there and it's scary how much people truly don't understand about how their bodies work.

My best advice is NOT to follow a path of extremes. When it comes down to it, health is about balance, it's about consistency and it's about giving your body the nutrition and love it needs, daily, in order to carry you through each fabulous day of your life! Don't compare your health journey to others! You are unique! Celebrate who you are and what works best for you!


Favorite fashion statement?

- OK... I LOVE fashion! For me, fashion is a way of expressing what I feel on the inside which is STRONG, CONFIDENT, and BEAUTIFUL. Never be afraid to be bold with your fashion choices!


What's in my bag?

- What ISN'T in my bag! My job keeps me on the go & I typically carry my entire world in my bag. My iPhone (holds my calendar, my contacts, etc.), my 'planner/notes' to keep track of thoughts or business notes throughout the day, lavender hand sanitizer, a small comb + a beauty bag that holds my Switch2Pure favorites: Suntegrity 5 in 1 tinted moisturizer, Au Naturale Anywhere Creme Blush Stick (it also doubles as a lipstick in a pinch), and since it's so hot in Houston and since my job is physically demanding, I always keep Switch2Pure Probiotic deodorant

Why she loves Switch2Pure: I absolutely love what Switch2Pure stands for & the fact that so much time and energy has been poured into ensuring that only the best & purist products are made available to everyone! I believe in Switch2Pure's message of taking control of your health & knowing exactly what you're putting in your body...this is why I chose to partner with them.


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