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Becky Steinbach, DDS | Switch2Pure

For a brighter, whiter smile minus the bad bacteria in your mouth, we love to recommend charcoal and coconut oil.  Naturally antibacterial and anti fungal, I haven't found anything better for promoting a healthy balance in the mouth.  So glad #Switch2Pure has #charcoal toothpaste and coconut oil infused dental floss! Don't forget to floss like a boss!  Flossing is the easiest and least expensive way to reduce inflammation in the body!

As a biological dentist focused on the total health and wellness of my patients I made the Switch2Pure because the use of clean, non-toxic products plays an integral role in eliminating the inflammatory stress our bodies are ill-equipped to manage over a lifetime.

Professionally, Switch2Pure has empowered me to be able to recommend without hesitation multiple products to my patients that have been meticulously scrutinized for their safety and efficacy; a combination that is extremely hard to find in dentistry whose mainstream product line is heavily burdened with chemicals, neurotoxins, and inflammatory causing agents.

Personally, as someone who is thankfully winning the battle over the negative health effects associated with inflammation, Switch2Pure provides me the satisfaction of knowing that I have an advocate who’s ensuring the products I use will not only advance my goal of achieving optimal health, but also maintain it."

Fave season staple?

Beauty and Skin Care: Lauren B.'s Cuticle Oil and Source Vital's Aroma Peel to help combat the dry skin challenges that come with a change in season in the mountains.  

Home: essential oil diffuser with frankincense oil for its health promoting properties

Fave trend setter blog to follow?  Empowered sustenance

Fave fashion statement?  a cashmere wrap always goes the distance during fluctuating temperatures

Vacation spot of the season?  Aspen! Who can resist the visual explosion of colors and crisp air of Fall in the Rocky  Mountains?!?

Fave kit?  Go for the Glow! There is nothing better than someone who glows from the inside out!

Fave health and wellness tip? Floss Like a Boss. Flossing is the easiest and least expensive way to decrease the amount of inflammation in your body!

Why I switched? In my life I have found that clean, pure, and non-toxic is the best way to deal with matters of the heart, home, and health!!