Alicia Wood - The Lush List | Switch2Pure

By Estela Cockrell

Alicia Wood - The Lush List | Switch2Pure

Fave beauty products? Has to be facial and body oils.  My skin tends to be on the dryer side so these are just what it needs.  It feels so decadent and pampering to apply good oils at the end of a long day.

Fave fashion statement this year?  Any season, I’m all about a good handbag and shoes.  My favorite accessory is a beautiful cuff bracelet.

Fave health and wellness tip?  Drink water and move every day!

Fave S2P product?  I can’t wait to try the Glam Squad Kit for Spring!

Why I switched?  I have three girls and I’m very concerned about what is in our beauty products.  We have always eaten very clean.  I was the kid who could have soft drinks any time and decided in 7th grade they were bad for me and basically stopped.  My girls have food allergies so I’m a big time label reader.  I had never thought about what is in beauty products until a read an article as I was starting my blog 3 ½ years ago that stopped me in my tracks.  It drives my girls crazy but I check the ingredients on EVERYTHING before I decide if they can use it or not.

Fave vacay spot: The beach.  Any beach…Maldives to Mexico.  

FAVE Blogger/Trendsetter:  Carolyn Bissett Kennedy and Lauren Santo Domingo.  I’d love to see what Carolyn would be wearing now.  I love how classic yet avant garde LSD is also.

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