The Athlete Edition: How To Treat Those Sore Muscles

By Estela Cockrell

The Athlete Edition: How To Treat Those Sore Muscles


We all know that with every passing year, keeping up with our exercise routines often leaves us feeling sore and achy! We have just the products to help put Humpty Dumpty back together!

1. Post Work Out:

Eco Modern Recovery - The magnesium in this spray works to relieve fatigue deep within the tissue. It absorbs quickly and works deeply with the unique combinations of essentials oils to expand circulation in the area and relieve muscle discomfort.


Rising Sun Ranch: With its 100mg of certified organic full spectrum Hemp ad Arnica, comfrey, ad menthol.. this rub gets the feeling of localized inflammation down in a hurry! This deeply penetrating muscle rub works to reduce the aches and pains associated with exercise, arthritis, piriformis syndrome, and fibromyalgia.

2. Warm Bath Soak:

Pursoma Apres Savasana Soak - Relax in warm bath. This unique botanical and essential oil blend helps you to recalibrate and bring your system to relax while detoxifying. The seaweed and algae helps to restore nutrients to your body post work out. The perfect antidote to the stressors of exercise and modern day living!


Plant Apothecary Super Soak Organic Healing Bath - Sea salt and mustard work to increase circulation and draw out lactic acid build up.


Source Vial Analgesic Bath + Body Oil - Add this combination to your bath or directly to the site. These powerful essential oils ad botanicals keep the blood flowing and induce an aromatherapy relief.

3. Post Soak Treatment:

Eco Modern Essentials Coconut Body Oil - This highly moisturizing and conditioning oil (with its extracts) rejuvenates the skin.

4. Welleco Protein and Alkalizing Greens - It is important to nourish your body throughout the day with amino acids as they are the building blocks of muscles. Without them, it is impossible to build, maintain, or even repair muscle tissue. As for greens, it is so important to nourish the body with superfoods which alkalize the body. When your body is in an alkalizing state,, it functions at its peak (great for immune boosting and increasing energy!) YAY!