Putting Your Best Face Forward - The Scoop on Mass Marketed Makeup | Switch2Pure

By switch2purecom Admin

Putting Your Best Face Forward - The Scoop on Mass Marketed Makeup | Switch2Pure

We all want to look good, obviously, but how good do you think you’ll look after years and years of wearing makeup LOADED with #toxic chemicals? Let’s just say, it won’t be pretty.


Europe and other countries around the world ban over 1000 known chemicals… That might have you questioning, “how many does the US ban?” ELEVEN. That’s right, you’re reading that correctly. That means that chemicals such as: lead + carcinogens + formaldehyde + talc (just to name a few) are in the majority of the cosmetic products you are putting on your face every single morning. You might be thinking “wow, that can’t be good for my skin,” and I’m here to tell you that you’re right. These chemicals are linked to cases of cancer, asbestos, lead poisoning, respiratory problems, and even death. (Now would be the appropriate time to start trashing those so-called “beautify” products).  


Now, as if these stats aren’t bad enough, there’s another ethical red flag amongst many of the large name-brand cosmetics that line the store shelves: animal cruelty. These huge companies are aware that they use poisonous ingredients in their products and will knowingly allow the products to be tested on live animals before selling to humans. I don’t know about you, but that seeming lack of concern for a conscious being does not have me thinking that they have MY best interest on their mind, either.


With all of these #dirty secrets out in the open, we’re also here to inform you that #CLEAN + #SAFE cosmetic lines exists! One of S2P’s absolute fav’s is Au Naturale. They are revolutionizing #CleanBeauty and, just like us, they scrutinize and research EVERY SINGLE INGREDIGIENT making sure that what we are putting on our largest organ (our skin, duh!) is ethically sourced and factually healthy! Now, I’d put that on my face every day and feel pretty good about it. #Clean with none of the #compromise J