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Your Purely Perfect Summer Checklist by Switch2Pure

By Estela Cockrell

Your Purely Perfect Summer Checklist by Switch2Pure

Whether you are heading to the local pool, islands, the mountains, or to a metropolitan are the essentials:

1.  Self Tanner (for the body and face) (don't forget to scrub prior and don't use an oil rich body scrub)

2.  30 day tea-tox to get that system detox'ed and flushed + colonic in a bottle (Renew Oil)

3.  Matcha, Protein, and Energizing teas.

4.  Mani + Pedi time (nails in the perfect hue 7/Free, no formaldehyde)

5.  Sunscreen  (for the rays)

6. Nourishing travel soap (for the long and fun days)

7.  Natural Travel toothpaste (for a bright smile on the road)

8.  Body butter or oil (to nourish your parched skin)

9.  Nourishing mask (for a pick me up the day after a big night)

10.  Rose Water Mist

11. Cellulite everything, well because why not!  Reduce the appearance of cellulite with a daily dry brush/body brush, cellulite soap to help break of fascia, cellulite body oil....

12.Road Warrior Kit (Hint, you don't have to read further if you do this one) or Detox in a Box....

Cheers to Summer, swimsuits, and everything relaxed!