Purely Perfect Natural Look

By Estela Cockrell

Purely Perfect Natural Look

1) Start by finding your proper color match.

** We suggest your concealer be a shade lighter than your foundation. Our makeup gurus typically start by applying concealer to target areas and then blend over the complexion with foundation.

2) Next comes a subtle bronze along the jawline, corners of the face and through the center of the cheek just below the blush line to create a natural skin-kissed look.

3) Then a gentle blush on the apples of the cheeks and a dewy highlight just above the cheekbone to bring out your natural glow.

4) Right now the natural, but defined brow is very on trend so we'd also suggest penciling in brows with a pencil that is close to your natural brow color or having your brows trimmed to perfection!

5) Add a neutral pop of color to the lips (stains are very on trend but lipstick and glosses work too) and a swipe of color at the lower lid (coffee or ).  And you are OFF!