Mother's Day Gift Guide

By Estela Cockrell

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Hug your mamas tight this upcoming Mother's Day for all they do for us! Seriously, moms are AMAZING and this world wouldn't be able to survive without mothers. How can we show appreciation for everything they do? Have no fear. We've created the perfect gift set that your mama will surely love! The perks? Nontoxic, USDA organic and cruelty-free to show how much you truly care about her!


Beachkin bags are ALL the rage right now! We're getting more back in stock soon but we still have a few left. Your mama will LOVE.

Our Vere biodegradable cosmetic bags will make storing her new products so easy in the prettiest iridescent. Hello, unicorn glow!! 🦄

Fill up these bags with mom's fave goodies, listed below!

Our TOP recs for MOM đź’—

Rose Quartz Crystal Roller - known as the "stone of the heart; a crystal of unconditional love." This semi-precious stone has anti-aging benefits to cool, tighten and depuff the skin within seconds. 

Yoga in a Cup - Moms have the toughest job in the world, yet they keep it all together and they need to de-stress, take a load off and have more self-care, me-time. Yoga in a Cup is a soothing, balancing elixir helps reduce stress and anxiety, calm the mind and body, and promote an overall sense of inner zen.

Fitglow Lip Color Serum - Hydrate + moisturize. Plump lips. Reduce fine lines. The organic ingredients used in this lip color serum gently stimulate blood circulation, plump without irritation. Mom will LOVE. 

Musee Bath Balm - Moms all need some "me" time! Gift this so she can recharge and hydrate all over with our Brown Eyed Girl bath bomb. 

Ayurveda Apothecary Flow Balance Perfume - Give Mama the experience of a luxurious perfume made from natural ingredients that are ethically sourced. This Flow Balancing Perfume contains notes of rose petals and natural blends that promote self-💗. AMEN!

Honest Hazel Revitalizing Eye Gels - Moms get tired, we've got the perfect trick so she stays looking refreshed all day. Our Eye Gels are instantly refreshing under-eye treatments for tired eyes!

Alima Pure Mineral Highlighter - Always wanted that J. Lo GLOW but didn't know where to find it? This Alima Pure Mineral Highlighter will get. you. there! Mom deserves the best kind of glow up!

Lily Lolo Mineral Bronzer - Let Mom show off her shine! The beauty of this bronzer is the only hard part is deciding whether you'd like a bronzing or shimmer effect - Toxin Free, booyah!

Sweat Cosmetics "Gleam On" Illuminator SPF 25 - This Illuminator powder with SPF 25 has a magnetic closure which is so perfect for Mamas that need to GLOW on-the-go! 

Cbliss Organic Body Oil - Cbliss Organic takes the healing properties to create a skincare line suitable for every skin type, which will bring real, visible, and positive changes to your skincare routine. Your mom will thank you for this. 


Happy Mother's Day from Team Switch xoxo