Moisturizer V. Oil

By Estela Cockrell

Moisturizer V. Oil

The face oil trend is on the rise but, what about moisturizers? We've used moisturizers before the shift to adding oils into our daily skincare regime. We pretty much are familiar with the ideal skincare routine, that prescribes the use of facial serum, face oil, and moisturizer. But, don’t they all basically do the same thing??? Like hydrate/nourish our skin?! They do but all three work in very different ways!

Face Oil 101

Facial oils go a step further from hydration by nourishing and moisturizing the deep layers of the skin. Oils like avocado, jojoba, etc., mimic the natural lipids found in our skin and actually helps reduce your body's sebum production. Oil counteracts oily skin - woahh!! It's so amazing for those with dry, parched, and dehydrated skin! Face oils are made from fruit, seed, and nut extracts and are deeply nourishing and restorative. Look for oils thave a smaller molecular size (such as argan oil or jojoba oil) to prevent clogging the pores and enable easy absorption. Using your kitchen coconut oil is definitely not recommended! Luckily, we have an array of facial oils that are highly absorbable and will leave you glowing all day!

Our TOP rated oils:

Switch2Pure Well & Glow Full-Spectrum Face Oil

Amaki Anti-Aging Face Oil

Youth Glo Radiance Oil

From Molly with Love Maracuja Oil

UMA Absolute Anti-Aging Face Oil

UMA Beauty Boosting Day Oil

Ere Perez Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar

Eco Modern Essentials Face Coconut Oil

UMA Total Rejuvenation Night Oil

UMA Ultimate Brightening Face Oil

Moisturizer 101

Moisturizers are great for hydrating the topmost layers of your skin (perfect for normal/combo skin or if you're dry - use after your face oil!). Using JUST a daily moisturizer is just right when you have normal, combination, or oily skin. But when you have to treat extreme dryness (either seasonal or you're all-around dry), a moisturizer may not hydrate/nourish/moisturize your skin deeply enough - cue the face oils!! Since they are water-based it's best for penetrating the skin for hydration but oils are best for locking in that moisture. 

Fun fact: using a moisturizer helps seal the moisture into your skin and best to use while your skin is still damp (like right after cleansing!).

Our TOP rated moisturizers:

Intelligent Exilirs Antioxidant Moisturizer

Supernatural Organic Bloom Facial Moisturizer

Knours One Perfect Cream

Supermood Beauty Sleep Youth Restoring Night Cream

Onne Complexion Cream Face Moisturizer

Fitglow Age Clear Lotion

Cbliss Moisturizing Facial Lotion