Magnesium The Best Kept |Calming| Secret!

By Estela Cockrell

Magnesium The Best Kept |Calming| Secret!

Long touted as the best kept secret for sleep, anxiety and stress magnesium is here to save the day (or night better yet).

It has been noted that the more the body is stressed (no matter what the origin of the stress) the more the body produces and excretes magnesium.  This leaves the body depleted....Enters sleepless nights, anxiety and more.  

So what's the big deal?

"Magnesium counters stress by binding to and stimulating GABA receptors in the brain.

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a primary inhibitory neurotransmitter, one that puts the brakes on brain activity.

When GABA is low, your brain gets stuck in the “on” position and it becomes impossible to relax.

If you are easily overwhelmed, disorganized, always find something new to worry about, or lay awake with racing thoughts, you likely have low GABA levels.  Low Gaba is associated with numerous stress-related disorders like anxiety, panic attacks and ibs."*1

Magnesium helps bind to GABA and reduce the stress hormone.

Also, of note, we need collagen for a wide variety of daily functions (circulation, healing, hair/skin/nail growth, etc.), and it is MG that helps produce the proteins that intern becomes collagen.  

Here are a few magnesiums you may find and their related uses-

  • "Magnesium Chelate: the type of magnesium found naturally in foods. Highly absorbable, bound to multiple proteins and used to restore magnesium levels.
  • Magnesium Citrate: magnesium combined with citric acid. Improves digestion and prevents constipation; may have a laxative effect when taken in high doses. (This kind of magnesium is found in the popular “anti-stress” drink Natural Calm.)
  • Magnesium Chloride: best magnesium to take for detoxing the cells and tissue, aids in kidney function and can boost metabolism. Easily absorbed by the body, it’s also helpful for people with digestive disorders preventing them from absorbing magnesium in their food. Topically, it’s usually take via magnesium oil, magnesium lotion or in a bath. 
  • Magnesium Sulfate: also known as Epsom salt, this is a great aid for constipation but an unsafe source of dietary magnesium. Overdosing is easy.
  • Magnesium Oxide: the most common form of magnesium found over-the-counter. Compared to magnesium chloride and magnesium citrate, it has a very poor absorption rate."*2

Magnesium is something great to discuss with your physician.  And we love to use magnesium infused products to calm our bodies from the outside our Magnesium Recover Spray for achy and sore muscles and joints. 


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