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By Estela Cockrell

Founder's Faves | Switch2Pure

Founder's Faves

Everyone always wants to know what my favorites are. I like to give everything an equal opportunity, but I do play favorites, some times. Here are my current absolute MUSTS!

Super Natural Body Cream Cleanser - luxurious cleanser removes makeup, cleanses and softens skin all at once for all skin type. (or Algae Deep Cleanse)
Suntegrity Rebound
Supernatural Body Hyualuronic Acid - Hyaluronic Acid helps retain over 1,000 times its weight in water within the cells of skin, Hello GLOW! Facial Serum is a wonderful daily moisturizer suitable for all skin types.
Suntegrity Tinted 5-In-1tinted moisturizer hydrates the skin with a multi-tasking formula designed to conceal imperfections and could be used as a primer or lightweight foundation.
Always do all washing with my Amaki green tea and charcoal sponges.
Konjac Duo Sponge - Super soft sponge set with charcoal that helps draw out impurities on the skin and helps to achieve a deeper facial cleanse.
Suntegrity Vanish - wash away stubborn makeup and dirt without damaging your skin's natural protective barrier.
Intelligent Elixir Gel Cleanser
Olie Oil 
Rose Quartz Roller - The MUST HAVE trend! Rose Quartz will cool, tighten, and de-puff your face in SECONDS!  
Add in the:
Intelligent Elixir B Vitamins - 
Intelligent Elixir Pure Squalane - An excellent moisturizer and leaves skin feeling plump and non-greasy.
Intelligent Elixir Antioxidant Moisturizer - 
Sometimes I treat my eyes and love to do eye gels and organic sheet masks several times a week!  Always use SV Algae Deep Scrub or Intelligent Elixir Citrus Scrub to exfoliate several times a week.  Weekly I use Aroma Peel.  And either there OYL Scrub/Mask or the Molly With Love Rosehip Clay Mask. 

Innersense Hair careBoost volume, shine and strengthen hair from the inside out with these natural hair care. (especially the styling products)

Welleco Alkalizing Greensan immune boosting alkalizing formula supplement that invigorates your system and the vegan protein is helping build my muscles back after surgery. Check out our Vegan Smoothie Recipe here!
TeaMi Matcha - Powerful super antioxidant (think super-sized cancer-fighting) drink is a great source of  vitamin C, magnesium, and detoxify the body.
Lauren B. Nail Polishthe perfect balance between trending colors and safer formulation!

CBD Muscle Rub - After a long hike or morning of tennis, this rub soothes the sensations associated with inflammation and sore muscles!
Pursoma Soak bath soak rich with magnesium, salt and lavender is a perfect wind down after that intense workout. 
Bath Salts and Scrubs - 
Renew and Fluid Reduction - 
These are some of my favorites, but shop our Best Sellers and New In and see what other #Purists are loving!

Don't forget, #TeamSwitch is always here to help you with custom recs, answer questions and help you #Ditchit and #Switchit!