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Dry, Parched, Eczematic Prone Skin | Switch2Pure

By Estela Cockrell

Dry, Parched, Eczematic Prone Skin | Switch2Pure

Purists come to us all the time looking for ways to quench their thirsty, parched, dry skin.

Look no further: These products are dry skin's worst enemy.  Spend over $150 and get $25.00 OFF | Use Code MyDrySkin


1. Organic Eye Makeup Remover

2. Oil Cleanse with Vanish + Intelligent Elixir Refining Gel Cleanser OR IE Rose Foaming Cleanser OR Algae Deep Cleanse $33

After use: Suntegrity Rebound Serum $78 (repairs UV damage)

3. Supernatural Body Hyaluronic Acid Serum  (miracle aging serum)

4. Crystal Roller (to help penetrate product) $34

5. Lip Balm with CBD $11

 For Masks & Scrubs: Algae Deep Scrub (with micro coral as exfoliant) $19 OR  Sheet Mask $6  OR  Manuka Exfoliant and Mask $60


Suntegrity Tinted Spf  $42

Suntegrity Tinted Lip $28

Creme Makeup Product (won't enhance look of fine lines)



Aleavia Body Wash $20

Aromatic Algae (to spot treat dry, reactive skin) $11

Body Butter and Oils $18-30

Body Brush (great for stimulating cell turn over and reducing dry skin) $32

Dead Sea Salt Bath Soak $13

Sunscreen (antioxidant rich and moisturizing)



CBD Arnica Salve $32

Hair and Scalp Treatment $68

Hair Masques $38+

Hair Argan Oil $16



"For years, I woke up to find smudged eye makeup down my face, even after using multiple high end “best eye makeup remover” picks from magazines. This is by far the best!" -MCG

This is by far the best"The aromatic algae extract is seriously a game changer - I put it on as a primer for my make-up and I no longer have cracking skin. And, the hydrative mask is like a facial in a bottle. I didn't even know my skin could feel this supple and soft." -Blakely, Purist + Eczema Sufferer

"Love. Love. Love this body wash. It smells so good... and leaves your skin feeling clean but not dry. I have given this body wash as a gift to many friends this year! -D. M Purist + Dry Skin Tendencies

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