Do I have Rosacea?

By Estela Cockrell

Do I have Rosacea?

*Rosacea (roe-ZAY-she-uh) is a common skin condition that causes redness and visible blood vessels in your face. 


Rosacea can occur in anyone and as much as we love roses we aren’t in love with rosacea! Redness can makes us feel not that great, but we've got the trick to reduce the red and glow with confidence!

While there's no cure for rosacea, treatments (and a gentle skincare regime!!) can control and reduce the signs and symptoms. Like for me!! 

The cause of rosacea is still not entirely understood, though there are many contributing factors. Rosacea is not caused by poor hygiene but is reported to be linked to your overall health - good thing we are all about full body and mind wellness here, am I right?

A number of factors can trigger or aggravate rosacea by increasing blood flow to the surface of your skin. Some of these factors include:

  • Hot drinks and spicy foods (darn it!) 
  • Alcohol (uh-oh!) 
  • Temperature extremes (it gets HOT HOT HOT in HTX!)
  • Sunlight or wind (oh the Texan sun...)
  • Emotions (we are good here :/)
  • Exercise (can’t win, can we?!) 
  • Cosmetics (watch out for ingredients like alcohol, fragrance, sodium lauryl sulfate, lactic acid, glycolic acid, and camphorWe've got you covered in this department! Luckily, we have the solution for you to help reduce the redness and keep you glowing. 

While some people might struggle to control their rosacea symptoms from reappearing, many more are able to clear up their skin for good by making certain changes to their lifestyles (like switching to nontoxic products)! Sticking with creamy, hydrating and gentle skincare will help reduce the effects of rosacea on your skin - bye bye facial redness, hello even tones! 

The TOP, gentle cleansers we recommend: 

Supernatural Klenz

Oy-l Facial Cleanser

Nourish Bar

Use the rose konjac sponge for gentle cleansing!

Facial creams we LOVE: (YES to hydration!)

Knours One Perfect Cream

SuperMood Day Cream

SuperMood Sleeping Beauty Night Cream

Fitglow Redness Rescue Cream

Supernatural Bloom Moisturizer,

Facial oils to keep your skin extra hydrated (if creams aren't your thing):

Supermood Radiance Oil,

From Molly With Love Maracuja Oil

Color correctors aid in skin tone evening and reducing redness:

Lily Lolo Pistachio and Lemon pressed correctors 

Lily Lolo Eye Primer 

Alima Color Balancing Powder

 Fitglow Eye Bright 

+ our nontoxic, silky smooth liquid or powder foundations will give you full coverage and you'll be left saying, rosacea who?!




*From Mayo Clinic.