Big, Full, Shiny Hair | Why You Should Switch2Pure

By Estela Cockrell

Big, Full, Shiny Hair | Why You Should Switch2Pure

The complete hair detox guide.

Why do you want to ditch it and Switch2Pure when it comes to hair?  First, you scalp absorbs even more than your skin....that is good and bad.  Years of silicones, synthetics, cancer-causing ingredients and plasticizers weigh the hair down.  And, plus, don't you want to get the bounce, shine, and growth?  Um, yes (I am from Texas!).  So move those shampoos, styling products, heat treatments, and masks to the trash and start your 14-day detox today!  When you detox you will need to *only* use natural hair care products so your hair has time to repair.  We promise the end result will be worth it - volume, shine, bounce, and growth!

What is so wrong with my mass marketed shampoos, styling products, and heat protectors?  "Unfortunately, these ingredients don’t protect hair at all. They are designed to coat the hair and secure it, much like saran wrap secures your food. Hair is unable to absorb any moisture. Instead of protected, hair is dehydrated and starved for nutrients, while next it is blasted with heat, which further dehydrates and damages hair. It’s a recipe for unhealthy hair, which is the exact opposite of what the consumer wants.

The vicious cycle continues as consumers have a false impression that their desired product will protect hair. Heat styling continues compounds the problem. Hair continues to be starved and thirsty.

To stop this unhealthy cycle, and allow hair to breathe and absorb nutrients and moisture, I like to speak in terms of preparation. It’s the idea that hair is like plant energy, and needs hydration, water, and nutrients. Hair can withstand a certain amount of heat application on a regular basis with proper preparation.

One of the first steps I ask my Beauty Guests to do: take inventory of hair, health and hair care. These questions include:

  • Are you color treating your hair, or using another chemical process?
  • What status is your hair currently in?
  • What’s your general health and nutrition?
  • Are you drinking enough water?
  • What’s your stress level?
  • Are you taking vitamins, including Vitamin B and Biotin?
  • Do you use one or more heat styling tools?

Healthy hair care starts in the shower with the proper shampoo and conditioner. Consumers often don’t realize many conventional shampoos and conditioners do contain silicones. Be sure to check the Innersense Organic labels.

The next step: hydration, hydration, hydration. This includes lots of water while also selecting the right products for your hair. 

Fine Hair, Minimal Chemical Treatments

Medium Hair, Minimal Chemical Treatments

Coarse Hair, Heavy Chemical Treatments

Other Great Products to achieve the perfect hair:




    (tip: if you have dry scalp or dandruff with Aromatic Algae Spray and either El treatment, Marula Cocktail, or the Leave in Hair Oil). 

     Give back that natural shine, volume, and bounce to your hair! 


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