Acne Prone, Oily, Combination Skin | Switch2Pure

By Estela Cockrell

Acne Prone, Oily, Combination Skin | Switch2Pure


Switching to Pure = Switching to Clear Skin


Clarified + pimple-free, formulas that are gentle enough not to harm your skin, but active enough to help regulate sebum and aid in clearing your acne/back-ne and breakouts!  

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Remove Makeup: Organic Eye Makeup Remover

Step 1: Organic Foaming Facial Cleanser Lemongrass $25 or Acne Repair Duo (seaweed and kelp enrich the microbiome)

Step 2: Amaki Rose Hydrating Mist or Face Restoring Mist Included in the Acne Duo

Step 3: Custom Cocktail  or Vitamin B-5 Hydrating Serum 

Additional treatments: Not a Spot , Pimple Clear or Matcha Mask 

When pesky break-outs arise, Pimple Clear will handle getting your glow back on track!



Suntegrity Tinted Spf  - finally a moisturizer, spf, base coverage ALL in one without the side of toxins. 

Saint Lip Gloss $28 - a must have! 

Powder Highlighter - highlighting is no phase, it's the future! Get your glow on. 

Saint Eye Palette $47 - beautiful, easy to use colors that are best of all, Toxin-Free! 



Body Wash - the secret of all secrets to soft skin, this body wash is the key behind glowing skin allover. 

Selfcare Soaks and Scrubs - treat yourself! 

Body Butter and Oils - lock in that moisure! 

Detox Body Brush - Stimulates cellulite, encourages skin cell turnover: resulting in smoother, flawless looking skin! 

Sunscreen - antioxidant rich spf coverage and moisturizing, luxurious feel!



Muscle Rub (post work out)  - onsite advil that wards off even the most annoying of pains, we warned you! This stuff is GOOD.

Hair Care - toxins don't belong close to your brain, time to get switching on your hair care. 



Gift Kit "The Teen Gone Clean" - Pick a boy based kit or a gift kit specific for a girl!  

Kit for yourself "Detox In A Box" - a great kit for first time ditchers & switchers and perfect for our purist veterans. Everyone can use a good detox! 


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"For years, I woke up to find smudged eye makeup down my face, even after using multiple high end “best eye makeup remover” picks from magazines. This is by far the best!" -MG., Purist + Blemish Prone

This is by far the best

"The aromatic algae extract is seriously a game changer - I put it on as a primer for my make-up and I no longer have cracking skin. And, the hydrative mask is like a facial in a bottle. I didn't even know my skin could feel this supple and soft." -Blakely, Purist + Eczema Sufferer

"Love. Love. Love this body wash. It smells so good... and leaves your skin feeling clean but not dry. I have given this body wash as a gift to many friends this year! -DM., Purist + Dry Skin Tendencies