Toxins in Mass Marketed Skincare

Toxins in Mass Marketed Skincare

Posted by Estela Cockrell on Jul 2nd 2020

Most mass products, whether they're sold at a dermatologist office or at a store have toxic, cancer-causing ingredients, yikes! Luckily, at Switch2Pure, you've got nothing to worry about with our Switch2Pure Collection and Bespoke Beauty lines! All products are organic, natural, nontoxic, cruelty and paraben free! If you've seen our Certifiably Confused blog, we also talked about this, but now it's time to go into a deep dive and let us tell you the #PureTruth about those mass marketed products. 

Everyone has products that they're absolutely in love with and aren't ready to part ways, so you can start off small adding in a few products at a time. If you are just beginning to #MaketheSwitch we recommend starting with the Glow-on-the-Go TrioPrebiotic Deodorant and Mascara.

We aren't telling you to be wasteful, but want you to be informed so you can make the best decisions for your overall health. It's totally your decision whether to finish using those toxic products you own or toss them. 

Many people are completely obsessed with products from the derms office, BUT those are toxic too!! Yes, how scary! The products may work, however they can also be detrimental to your health. Most of these products contain synthetic ingredients, parabens and neurotoxins that are bad not only for your skin, but for your endocrine system. The anti-aging craze is retinol, however that is often synthetic. Our Well & Glow is everyone's anti-aging favorite! Containing natural ingredients vitamin A, K and Bakuchiol, which is known to be retinol's natural alternative. Head to our blog post Skincare's Newest Hero: Why We Love Bakuchiol to learn more!

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