The Wellery

The Wellery

Posted by Estela Cockrell on Mar 1st 2020

Hey there Purists! Our exciting and pure wellness destination is FINALLY OPEN where our commitment to clean beautyskincare services and wellness is unmatched. Enjoy balance, transformative healing, and glow on the inside and out, all in one authentic location at 3601 W. Alabama.

Despite the looming virus, “WELL-healed” purists stopped in to toast a collagen and cbd elixir with founder Estela Cockrell for our official GRAND OPENING. HTX women came out to get their PURE-glow on at the new Wellery, Spa and Clean Skincare destination designed by acclaimed architect Jesse Hager. They booked treatments like ozone/infrared sauna, met with the lead Wellness Director about optimizing their immune with quality nutraceutical (buh-bye coronavirus). They got a sneak peek at Switch2Pure’s notox facialgua sha facialCBD facial and all the latest international facial treatments like microcurrent, ultrasound and radiofrequency.

It is time to get the official low down of our newest additions to Switch2Pure. We will be offering facial treatments, ozone and infrared, organic spray tans and waxing. Read below for extensive descriptions for each treatment!

Spa Services


The oxygen facial treatment. Balance, tighten and glow with this beneficial facial treatment great for problematic skin, impurities or ultra-sensitive clients…Begin with a cleanse followed by a vacuum lifting treatment, radiofrequency to stimulate collagen production, tighten, and lift tired or dull skin. Customized mask followed by oxygen infusion + LED and cold probe for maximum product penetration and a balanced appearance.

The Notox Face Lift 

The Switch2Pure signature ‘Face Lift’ The noninvasive face lift has arrived! This treatment is recommended for a vibrant, lifted, toned, plumped, and a firmer appearance. To start, experience a deep cleanse, gentle exfoliation via hydra-dermabrasion. Then, target fine lines, wrinkles, while tightening, stimulating collagen production, brightening and revitalize with microcurrent, LED , radio frequency, needle-less mesotherapy, oxygen infusion, and an experiential blend of natural antioxidants and vitamins. This rejuvenating treatment ends with a mask leaving the skin feeling and looking plump, firmer and ready to GLOW!90 minutes of 10+ clinical strength modalities

You go HIGH, I go GLOW

CBD antiaging treatment. Never get old! This facial treatment is recommended for any age if anti-aging, vibrant, youthful and GLOWY skin is your goal. Experience a deep cleanse, gentle and effective exfoliation via hydra-dermabrasion which targets fine lines + wrinkles and promotes lymphatic drainage. Brighten and revitalize with radio frequency, LED light, and an antioxidant delivering CBD mask. Mesotherapy, the notox”, delivers the perfect penetration of hydration and vitamins deep below the surface. Leave plumped and ready to go GLOW on HIGH! 60 minutes of 9+ CBD infused advanced skincare treatments.

Glow & Glam

Pre-event facial treatment. Firm, plump, tighten pores with this nourishing facial treatment for the perfect red-carpet look! Starting with a deep cleanse to prep skin for your special night, followed by the ultrasonic skin scrubber to remove dead skin cells and reduce to look of large pores. Microcurrent to help tighten and firm the skin paired with radiofrequency to stimulate collagen and elastin. Mesotherapy and Oxygen infusion to penetrate vitamins and antioxidants to a deeper level, followed by a hydrating mask and cold hammer to refine pores and leave a perfectly primed and sculpted look. Photo ready! 60 min.

Pure Hydro Treatment

The peel and plump facial. This facial treatment infuses H20 + 02 to rejuvenate and balance the skin. This powerful facial treatment is great for skin that is dry, dehydrated, or dull…Begin your healthy glow with hydro-peel, water vacuum that lifts and extracts, followed by COLD therapy to calm the skin and oxygen infusion to brighten, moisturize, and add nourishment for the ultimate plumped and lifted look.


The #nofilter Teen Facial. As a teen, confidence is everything. That true glow from within. This treatment provides a deep manual cleanse, followed by an enzymatic peel, and ultrasonic scrubber to lift impurities away. Oxygen to kill bacteria that causes break outs at bay. LED to help heal and prevent scarring, plus promote blood circulation, and repair broken skin. Cold therapy will seal enlarged pores and calm inflamed skin leaving skin feeling refreshed and flawless. *reserved for those 25 and younger.50 min.

Hello, Beauty Firming Facial

Collagen and Lymphatic Firming Facial. A facial purely designed to stimulate collagen production and lift. This lymphatic facial treatment reduces inflammation and tightens loose skin. We start by exfoliating with microdermabrasion followed by ultrasound to target collagen production at a deeper level. Oxygen infusion and lymphatic drainage massage with positively charged crystal Gua Sha stone and LED to stimulate repair and renewal the skin. Feel plump, relaxed, and refreshed.55 min.


Express Facial Toning Microcurrent and Mesotherapy. Anti-aging in a jiffy. Lift, tone and sculpt with a stimulating microcurrent + LED treatment customized to reach your goals, mesotherapy to penetrate products deeper into the skin, followed by a hydrating mask and plumping facial massage.50 min.


In a rush and need to glow? This speedy facial treatment loaded with pure antioxidant rich serums and oils will leave your skin feeling firm, lifted and bright in no time.

Pure Glamour Event Makeup

Have a special occasion or event? We have got you covered with our amazing makeup artists!

Self Service Glow Bar

Make a customized facial oil just for you!

BODY - Organic Sprays & Waxing

Spray Tans





Brow shaping




The Wellery

Ozone Sauna Therapy

What if you could boost your immune system, ease pain and stress, and feel more energized with a relaxing 30-minute treatment? Unthinkable in this day and age! But, it’s HERE and now at Switch2Pure. Check out our blog post ALL about Ozone Sauna Therapy!

Infrared Sauna

Wellness VIP

Meet with our wellness director for personalized & advanced level testing, nutritional counseling, & customized vitamins. 2 private sessions & unlimited communication

Wellness Now

Meet with our wellness director for personalized & advanced level testing, nutritional counseling, & customized vitamins. 1 private session & unlimited communication

Wellness Tribe

Attend 5 group sessions. includes advanced level testing & customized vitamin recommendations

The Well & Quick

50 minute health & nutritional consult$175

My Daily Dose

1 customized vitamins | 15 min consult with our wellness director to create personal daily vitamin packets $75

Email or call 713.357.7773 to book your service!