The Team Behind the Scenes

The Team Behind the Scenes

Posted by Cathy Baumanis on Dec 26th 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Purists! We've had a HECK of a year with our POP UP turning in to more of a location than expected and the launch or our performance-based natural skincare line. We are SO excited for what's to come in 2020 (stay tuned because it is exciting)! To celebrate our TEAM SWITCH who makes it all happen....we rounded-up their TOP FAVES items.  Team Switch works hard, knows how to have fun, and is totally #cleanbeauty obsessed! 

Estela is our #PuristInChief, you may know her as a true boss babe with a knack for all things clean beauty, wellness, and skincare - heck she even made her own CBD skincare line loaded with performance ingredients all because she suffers from Lyme and Celiac. She is all about empowering women (and teens too), educating on the importance of knowing what's in your products, and how to really live WELL and with balance. She also kills it in the #MomLife and never misses carpool...seriously. When she's not behind the glow at S2P, you can find her spending time with her family, traveling to destinations so far we can't reach her by phone, winding down in Aspen, or at a hot Houston event dressed to the nines sippin' on rosé or vodka soda!  Estela's dedication to Purists around the globes makes our jobs inspiring. 

Estela's faves? Her whole Switch2Pure Collection for her perfect AM/PM routine. Makeup wise? Fitglow Beauty Lip Color Serumevery highlighter we sellMascaraSupernatural Poshen Hyaluronic Acid SerumIntelligent Elixir Cream,  Au Naturale Creme Blush StickHighlighter StickSuntegrity 5 in 1 Tinted MoisturizerALL lip glosses...Estela always has on a lippie NO MATTER WHAT! 

Jennifer is an organizational powerhouse! She's never met a paper checklist she doesn't love, #nerdalert! Jennifer thrives in small business environments and is an entrepreneur's right hand (WO)man! She's the not-so-new chief operations officer at Switch2Pure. She loves fashion - she always has great booties - and all things beauty! You can find her in her spare time listening to live music with her husband. This Louisiana native never met an accessory she doesn't like, her earrings and bracelets are always on point and so are her lipglosses and blush. She's camera shy, so meet her hands!

Jennifer loves Be Chill (it got rid of her burn in a few days!), a good blush (powder for sure), Collagen in her coffee.  Her skincare routine is pretty much simple Switch2Pure's Bright + Shine gel cleanserBe GlowyWell & Glow Oil, Intelligent Elixir Eye Cream, and loves to do a scrub by Olive and M.  You can find her sheet masking often with her favorite crystal roller.  Since she is fair, she loves to keep covered with Sweat Powder Illuminator.  Cathy is a Houstonian with Latin roots (fun fact: she was born in Venezuela). She has a zest for all things fun and creative, which is why you find her behind the lens, the computer, and all marketing for Switch2Pure! Our Lead Marketing Assistant, Cathy, loves to do yoga + pilates, and stretch herself in all things wellness. Her fave wellness tip is taking a few minutes to go outside when feeling overwhelmed, rub on some Be Chill, and always take L-Glutamine to protect your gut! You can find Cathy playing with her pup, Rosie, hanging out with her friends, enjoying museums, at events, and exploring all the nooks and crannies of Houston. #wanderlust 

Cathy's faves include Back to the BasicsCBD patchesFrom Molly with Love smudge spraysSource Vital Mental Clarity ElixirBe Glowy (literally always spraying it), her Vere Bag, obsessed with our Gua Sha, and her fave Alima Pure Velvet Lipstick in Iris. She loves herself a great toner like the Knours Double Duty Mist (helps with those hormonal breakouts), and UMA's rose powder cleanser

Growing up in Houston area, this retired professional gymnast and cheerleader loves her beauty game #productjunkie. So much so, she became an aesthetician that graduated top of her class, catch her the spa room soon! Peyton is totally ingredient-obsessed, ask her about any ingredient in any of our products and she can tell you what it's good for, if it'll work for your skin, and why you do or do not need it. You can find her on the weekends at the lake or favorite country house with her sisters and every SPF (Zinc it Up) in tow. She spends her spare time doing lots of research about new beauty techniques and wellness, and is a jack of all trades! Our in-store esthetician has a keen eye, she helps with photography, IG, and any last minute emergency. A little known fact is that Peyton likes to eat candy (and Estela throws it out). 

Peyton's faves include Bright + ShineKonjac SpongeBe GlowyWell & Glow rejuvenating face oil, Ere Perez Australian Blue Cypress face nectarFrench Girl Shimmer OilJasmine ParfumSuntegrity Staycation (glitter ya'll), Chocolate Sun Tanning Cream #3Rose Quartz Gua Sha.  She always has our skincare travel trio in tow for her weekend getaways.  For her skincare game, she always drinks her collagen, takes her Super Oooomegas to stay hydrated.  She loves the Alima Pure compact foundation for easy stowing in her purse and Au Naturale On Pointe for a matte lip look.  


Meet Allie, another beauty from Texas! This Fort Worth native is working towards her marketing degree and juggling her part-time job at HQ.   At Switch2Pure, you can find her supporting marketing efforts, helping customers, packaging up orders, and all around taking care of tasks that need to be done. Allie loves to explore Houston in her spare time, take photos, eat at new restaurants #foodie, and hit up a good patio bar. She has a passion for music, exploring, and dogs. What you may not know about Allie is she used to be a rodeo-er in high school & owned a steer named Lyla - that's pretty cool! #animallover

Some of Allie's faves are the Knours Sheet MasksKaia Vitamin Cleanse WipesHoney Belle Facial Scrub, and the mini-mini crystal roller. Allie loves to cleanse with with Niu Body's aloe cleanser, tone with Be Glowy, and hydrate with Niu Body Glow Serum. She keeps herself in check with Daily Must-Haves, our Vegan Protein, and Super OOO-omegas. Allie also loves a great eye palettemascara, and lipgloss


From West Texas, our beauty expert Savannah can be found pulling all nighter's frequently… she's a new mom  (that's why she luvs Bubble Podz). Savannah has been a MUA since 2010 and it shows. She is the PRO of Estela's signature GLOW.  She's always had a passion for contour glow and really making people feel special and beautiful (we love that of course). This new mom doesn't let all nighters way her creativity down… She loves to make floral arrangements and do things to express her creativity when time permits. Savannah's biggest make up pro tip:  mix Fitglow Beauty Conceal + with Switch2Pure Well & Glow rejuvenating oil for a fast glowing under eye."If you at least have 3 products on your face you'll feel put together and fabulous"! 

Savannah loves Fitglow Beauty's Sunny Days PaletteVegan + Good Lash MascaraBe GlowyWell & GlowHello, Beauty! CollagenAu Naturale Powder Foundation (tip: use Well & Glow to prime and the stick glides on like a champ), Saint Cosmetics Eye PalettesDual-sided Crystal Roller, and a good red lip by Saint

Krystal is our in house health and wellness guru. Her and Estela spend countless hours staying abreast of the latest in functional nutrition. Krystal has been practicing and helping people use food as medicine for years. She believes that a whole approach to wellness (meditation, food, nutraceuticals, stress management) are key to optimizing the immune and warding off chronic illness. Krystal is frequently seen on television, and driving her teenage daughter around to her next activity. Food, wellness and living a authentic lifestyle is exactly the reason behind Estela choosing Krystal to be our wellness director. Come see her for a consult, advanced level testing (blood work) or to get your next detox under way!! With her Celiac disease and wealth of knowledge your time at Switch2Pure won’t be wasted. Little known fact about Krystal? She loves to get away to Hawaii with her little family as much as possible.

Krystal knows that what you put on your skin and in your body matters. She was the force behind curating our wellness line of nutraceuticals. She also loves Bright + Shine and Be GlowySuper Mood LotionCitrus Scrub and our hair care products. She loves a good gel-like mani too!! And always wears all the lips she can but especially the suntegrity lips! She also loves to layer in adaptogens for our clients and teach people how to use their gua sha and roller for self care! 

The ninjas behind all things coding (HTML make anyone else's head hurt, too?!), algorithms, web development, and basically all the techy stuff. These dudes (& with a little bit of Cathy's creative help) are the reason behind the working website - can we appreciate the fact that it took them 4 weeks to create a BRAND NEW site?! FROM SCRATCH!!! They spend their days fixing bugs, crawling for broken links, coding issues, integrations, and anything that sometimes goes wrong - because that happens. True digital heros and we are ever so grateful to have them helping us out on the backend! 

Our dudes love Switch2Pure products as much as we do! They love our Be Chill body rub and use the Gua Sha (or get their wives too) to break up any muscle soreness. They also stay in balance with our Daily Must-Haves, keep their skin fresh with Knours One Perfect CreamCharcoal Mask, and One Love Organic's Skin Savior Balm. David's personal faves? He loves the Cannabliss lip balm and Mental Clarity Elixir to stay focused. John loves an on-the-go protein shake (vegan, of course), Evan and Mike love themselves a good non-toxic travel toothpaste!