The Secret to Glowing Skin

The Secret to Glowing Skin

Posted by Estela Cockrell on Jul 21st 2021

Glowing, healthy skin isn't something that's achieved over one use of a mask, serum or facial. It's consistency! Consistently using your beloved Switch2Pure Skincare! You can read our blog post on specific recommendations with Consistency in Your Skincare Routine HERE, but today we are going a little deeper. You know the steps, but WHY?! We'll tell ya!

Why Consistency is KEY

Glowing skin isn't something that happens overnight. It takes time to provide nourishment. Customize your routine for your skin needs, everyone is different! Just because your friend is using something, doesn't mean it will work for you! Need personal recs? Send us a text, DM, email or call! You can also take our quiz HERE!

Ensuring a regimen will help you in the long run. Wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring or other issues can be minimized with your daily routine and can prevent trips to a dermatologist or plastic surgery in the future. Don't forget to #treatyoself with Facials

Yes, your face is important, but don't forget about your body! Our NEW CBD Skincare for the Body will leave your skin nourished, glowing, renewed and ready for those short sleeves and shorts! 

What Should be in Your Skincare Routine?

Refer to our BLOG - Consistency in Your Skincare Routine. Brief overview:

Don't forget to exfoliate, maskSPF and schedule your Facial Treatment!

For Your Body

Start with Wash This to cleanse, paired with Body Konjac Sponge to exfoliate. Renew and GLOW with Good + Glow Body Oil! Achieve the perfect hydrated pout with Crush On!

Glow From the Inside Out

Your skin is a reflection of your inner health. Your lifestyle, genetics, microbiome (combined genetic material of the microorganisms in your body), and of course, diet will all play role in your skin integrity. I see a lot of clients with challenging skin conditions and the one commonality among all of them is compromised gut health. Full blog post HERE!

We recommend detoxing twice per year and taking your daily supplements! We love My Daily Dose for truly customized vitamins! Read why our Nutraceuticals are Better Than Your Average Vitamin!

Skincare, proper nutrition, water, and exercise can all help your skin feel and look your best, but have realistic expectations! Our Switch2Pure collection is a great addition to any routine you may already have! If you need further help putting together your custom skincare regimen, fill out our survey listed above or email us at and we'll be happy to help you ditch & switch!