The Breakdown on Collagen

The Breakdown on Collagen

Posted by Estela Cockrell on Dec 3rd 2019

Aging sucks, we know!

Clean skincare isn't enough! After our 20s our collagen levels deplete by 2% each year, plus living in a polluted city contributes to the lack of collagen production in our bodies. Luckily, we can make aging beautiful by supplementing with collagen peptides or using beauty products with collagen in them. Collagen itself is a much more concentrated source and may be a more effective choice when someone has a health and wellness goal. Our main concern is our skin and nail appearance (UHM, forever young and beautiful anyone?!) obviously and reducing cellulite! Studies show consuming extra collagen results in a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and in the appearance of cellulite - SIGN US UP! Honestly, bone strengthening, joint mobility & GI tract benefits are just an added bonus. Beauty and Anti-Aging starts from within, so you may want to check out our other nutraceuticals besides our Hello Beauty Collagen Powder and NEW Beauty Powder!

Collagen is a special type of protein that accounts for as much as 30% of the body’s total protein. In particular, it’s a primary structural component of connective tissue. Not all collagen is created equally. CLEARLY! Switch2Pures specially formulated peptides were made to fortify our bodies. Hello, BEAUTIFUL skin elasticity, strong bones, and joint health. That means it works with both our internal system and our skin! Hello, we want to feel/look flawless inside and out! Skin elasticity to stay #foreveryoung, the pure way, is goals!

Our collagen has no taste at all and mixes really well in everything! It's the only collagen in our space to be backed by clinical trials from Harvard and with the trademark Fortibone to support bones (osteoporosis, osteopenia). It's made with non-GMO ingredients, GMP certified and proven to lower high blood pressure.

Hello, Beauty! contains a unique blend of three patented collagen peptides supported by clinical research showing their efficacy for supporting collagen production, bone strength, joint health and integrity, skin elasticity and basically, it’s time you get on the collagen train. Want something more flavorful? Try our NEW Beauty Powder!

Whether you use our products like the Honest Hazel Revitalizing Eye Gels, Fitglow Beauty products, Supermood skincare, anti-aging oils or our carefully formulated collagen peptides powder (add into your morning cup of matchasmoothie, or coffee!), your skin will soon be glowing, elastic, and youthful.

Hello, glow!