Roselyn Weaver - Mama of 2 through Adoption

Roselyn Weaver - Mama of 2 through Adoption

Posted by Estela Cockrell on Jul 5th 2021

Raised in California but have been in Houston for about 12 years. Married to my husband for 7 years and a mama of 2 through adoption. I am a huge advocate for adoption. I have been blogging full time for almost 2 years and I enjoy sharing mommy and me fashion, things to do around Houston, and traveling with kids!

Why did you make the switch?

I have slowly been making the switch to cleaner beauty (check out our blog on this here). Just trying to be more cautious about what I am putting on and in my body.

Fave fashion statement or pieces? 

Statement piece: I love a dramatic sleeve but my favorite item I own is my Chanel boy bag. Such a classic bag and it was a gift from my husband when I was working full time at my corporate job and hustling all hours of the night to grow my blog. It's a beautiful timeless piece but more meaningful of how and why my husband gifted it to me.

Fave vacation spot? 

Anywhere on the beach!

Fave Switch2Pure skincare and bodycare items? 

Definitely the Well and Glow facial oil! I like how nourishing it feels on my skin and it also smells really good. Body, I am LOVING the Good and Glow body oil, this is like the face oil but for the body! 


Fave beauty product?

The Suntegrity bronzing serum adds just the perfect amount of glow to the skin. You can mix it with the face oil which is really nice.   

Fave facial treatment? 

The NOTOX facial!! I have also tried the You Go High, I Go Glow facial and enjoyed that one too. I really felt the Notox was more fitting my skin type at this time in my life. I decided I wanted to try some other things that would help treat areas I need help with: fine lines, wrinkles, firmness. The more I read about the Notox facial, the more I learned this facial is geared towards women who are around my age who were concerned about wrinkles, aging, plumpness of skin, etc. I can't wait to come back for another!

Fave small business to support? 

Oh, so many! But a few of my favorite local ones are Switch 2 Pure, The Vintage Contessa, Anjouil's, Posh Pop Balloons and Gali's Goodies. 

Why do you love Switch2Pure? 

I love Estela's whole story (read it HERE). She began the business based on a personal need and has made it into a successful business. Her entire staff is so passionate and knowledgeable about the products and services and DUH because the products are amazing. I can't wait to come back from my next facial!