Rina Puri - Building Up a Community that Represents Her

Rina Puri - Building Up a Community that Represents Her

Posted by Estela Cockrell

I come from a big family and love to be around people. Creating a social media community came naturally to me. In an effort to rally a community that looked like me, I seek out ways to reach women, the South Asian community, and entrepreneurs by sharing fashion, food, family, friends, and fun! @chicksandsalsablog

Rina Puri and daughter

Rina Puri

Why did you make the switch?

As a mom to two young ladies getting them started on high-quality, all-natural products is important to me. 

Who is your favorite influencer or source?

I have many women who inspire me to be a better businesswoman, a better mother, and a better person that I follow on social media - especially on Instagram.

Fave fashion statement or pieces?

I love the details, jewelry and sunglasses are the two things I always have on!

Fave vacation spot?

I love the mountains. Any place with a birds eye view is the place for me!

Fave Switch2Pure items?

The Detox Bar has a way of leaving my face feeling refreshed and totally clean every time I use it.

Switch2pure charcoal detox soap bar with exfoliating konjac sponge

Rina Puri with switch2pure good and glow retinol alternative body oil

Fave body products?

I live in Georiga and spend a lot of time in the sun and by the pool, products like the Suntegrity moisturizer are essential for me and my family.

Fave small business to support?

Companies that do right by their customers and the environment are my favorite.

Why do you love Switch2Pure?

Switch2Pure and I share the same values, we don't take our health for granted and that luxury should not come with a side of toxins.

Best advice you've received?

Life Advice: Mind Your Own Business.   Skincare Advice: Drink Lots of Water

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