Probiotics and the Skin Microbiome

Probiotics and the Skin Microbiome

Jul 31st 2020

The skin (your largest organ) has it’s own ecosystem. We know, you were just getting comfortable with the “good gut bacteria and gut microbiome concept” and now we are throwing more at you…..

Refresher Alert: The microbiome is the balance of bacteria, parasites and yeast that live on your skin and in your gut from your mouth to, well, that other end (lower intestine/colon). This unique balance of bacteria, parasites and yeast is closely related to your autoimmune, blood pressure, cancer, heart, asthma, cancer and even mental health.

Our performance-base, natural productswellness treatments, and nutraceuticals like The Good Guys probiotic vitamin and daily dose vitamins will help balance out your microbiome. Our hemp-infused skincare really helps nourish and support the biome balance.

TRUTH | Your skin is composed of living biological and physical components (you know, the microbiome).[1] There is a delicate balance between the “good” and bad” bacteria (kind of like your inner dialogue about detox versus cheat days!). “In fact, most skin problems (from acne to eczema) likely affect the skin microbiome and may be a result of changes to this ecosystem due to modern lifestyle. Our modern lifestyle assaults our gut microbiome through antibiotic overuse, consumption of foods that disrupt gut flora, and overuse of antibacterial products. These same factors can alter the bacterial balance on the skin and may be even more damaging! The skin is under constant assault from environmental agents, harsh cleansers and soaps, deodorants, and even medications and cosmetics. Our obsession with cleanliness may be doing more harm than good for microbiota balance on the skin.”[2]

BEAUTY | Nurturing your skins microbiome can be as simple as a few simple steps!

1. Use a skin prebiotic like our Source Vital Aromatic Algae or Aleavia Enzymatic Body Wash
2. Avoid antibacterial soap instead try Switch2Pure's Nourish or Detox Bar Soap or Kosmatology Spray or Olika Birde Spray.
3. Try products with probiotics infused in them like Switch2Pure's Probiotic Deodorant filled with the good guys. Also take our Probiotic Supplement to aid in digestion & immune.
4. Eat well, drink plenty of water and sweat often.