Mariana Cano - Mama, Bilingual Blogger & Wellness Lover

Mariana Cano - Mama, Bilingual Blogger & Wellness Lover

Posted by Estela Cockrell on Oct 19th 2020


My name is Mariana Cano and I’m the voice behind “Yo Mariana” a bilingual lifestyle blog in Houston. I was born and raised in the wonderful Mexico City. I came to live in the United States eighteen years ago thanks to a job opportunity my husband got. Since then, the city of Houston greeted us with open arms and witnessed my debut as a mother of three lovely children – two girls aged 15 and 13 and a ten-year-old boy.

Why did you make the switch?

After my third baby was born, I started to pay more attention to my skin and my overall health. At first, I was motivated by the fact that I wanted to lose all the baby weight, but after a while, I realized that being healthy was not about following diets, it was more about a lifestyle change.

Fave fashion statement or pieces?

My favorite fashion piece is a chunky pair of sneakers, especially if I wear them with a flowy dress or skirt.

Fave vacation spot?

My favorite vacation spot is Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, it's the perfect place to disconnect, run on the beach, unwind, enjoy the kids, and just have a good time. Of course, France is one of my favorite countries to visit, especially Paris or anywhere in the south of France really.

Fave Switch2Pure skincare items? 

My favorite Switch2Pure product is the Bright & Shine Daily Cleanser. I love to massage my face applying the cleanser with the Konjac Sponge to really brighten my skin and leave it glowing. Love it!

Fave Switch2Pure beauty products?

My favorite beauty tool is the mini rose quartz crystal roller, perfect for traveling. I love a nice facial massage with the roller and the Well & Glow Rejuvenating Oil. The best!

Fave facial treatment?

I love a professional facial massage with a Gua Sha. It's amazing how it boosts blood circulation and leaves my skin radiant. Hello, Beauty Firming Facial is the best!

Fave body/wellness treatment/products?

I loved the Infrared Sauna I recently tried at The Wellery and Spa at Swith2Pure's new location. All the benefits are amazing. Also, whenever I feel sore after working out, a massage with the Be Chill CBD body rub really helps.

Fave small business to support? 

Right now everybody needs a hand, I love supporting Switch2Pure of course, but I think the small restaurants and coffee shops are the ones struggling the most, let’s support them with curbside pickup or dining in following their safety guidelines.

Why do you love Switch2Pure?

I love Switch2Pure products because they are natural, contain nontoxic ingredients, have eco-conscious packaging and leaves my skin fresh and glowing!