Liz Landry - Health Conscious Mama that Wears Many Hats

Liz Landry - Health Conscious Mama that Wears Many Hats

Posted by Estela Cockrell on Aug 16th 2021

Hi! My name is Liz Grayson Landry and I am a woman that wears many hats! I am married to my husband Paul and a mom of one daughter Harper. I also have two fur babies Oakley and Mocha. I work full time as a medical sales representative in weight loss surgery for over 13 years with the last 7.5 being in nutrition for weight loss surgery patients. I started dabbling in social media marketing back in 2010 and now blog and influence with my own social media platforms. I love working out, traveling, good food, meeting new people, and a good cocktail.

Why did you make the switch?

started switching to cleaner skincare and makeup back in 2017. I did not pay attention to the things I put on my body and face as much as what I consumed in my mouth. Over the years I have learned so much about nutrition and being healthy from the inside out.

Who is your favorite influencer or source?

Now that’s a hard one! I follow so many amazing women and influencers.

Fave fashion statement or pieces?

I have always had a thing for shoes. I think I lost my first purse with a lot of cash in it when I was three or four years old at church. My dad called me Imelda as a joke due to my large collection of shoes as a teenager.

I would say a great handbag is a must and a great investment piece. I love my Chanel Wallet on a Chain for travel, Louis Vuitton backpack.

Fave vacation spot?

Turks & Caicos, 30A, Cabo, Paris…. Somewhere on a beach is usually my top pick!

Fave Switch2Pure skincare items?

I love my facial oil and my body wash!! Plus I use the CBD body rub nightly on my herniated disk and when my neck and shoulders are tight!

Fave facial treatment?

I haven't gotten a chance to try out their facial treatments yet but I am excited to hopefully try it out soon! I really want to try the Pure Hydro!

Fave small business to support?

Vintage Contessa, Switch-2-Pure, Skincare by Monik, and Amanda K Styling Salon any great restaurants!

Why do you love Switch2Pure?

I love the quality of the products and that they are clean and work! Estella is also pretty amazing and I love supporting women in business.