Lil love note from Estela

Lil love note from Estela

Posted by Estela Cockrell on Nov 11th 2019


It has been a while since I have taken key to keyboard and sent you more than a few snippets on IG stories about what is going on here at Switch2Pure. I wanted to take a minute as we screech into the final months of 2019 and send a little update and THANK YOU for everything! Maybe it is the Detox in a Box that I am doing, but I am trying to let go of the old, and bad energy and embrace what is to BE. So here goes, a few updates on the “State of Switch2Pure

The GLOW has arrived. YAY!

*As you have heard we launched our performance-based natural skincare line. It is WOW, AMAZING, GLOWY and perfect and I am so proud I can’t stand it. Do I sound like a mom who just had a baby?! BRIGHT + SHINEBE GLOWYWELL & GLOW, and BE CHILL bring me so much joy to know these performance products and our other beauty toolsbars, and deodorants are out around the country! With reviews like “I love it so much” and “Are you kidding me with these products? I used the cleanser and the soft fragrance and creamy finish made me HAPPY! Then, I gave myself a generous spray with the serum because I am a ‘more is more kind of girl’ and to see my face with a light shimmery dew, I could have walked out the door for the day. Your oil is like a ritual and it’s so fun to use them all. Thank you!!”. “Your products are a game changer! I am not even cheating with my pharmacy junk. The spray is literally a life saver!” “This spray is a total pick me up!” AND, there is still more to launch….so stay tuned.

GROWTH and beyond!

*Have been working diligently on our Vision Board (and PS Houston, can’t wait to have some Vision Board workshops at our NEW Location, so start saving those clippings, photos, a little nuggets of inspo for our 2020 Vision Boards!). We want to deliver the same level of GLOW, FUN, PRODUCTS, SERVICES and we don’t want ever to under deliver…

So we,

*updated our website (it is still a work in progress, so excuse that for a few more weeks) and please let us know if you like it!! Plus, we moved systems to have a better handle of inventory, so you shouldn’t experience back orders as much as in the past.

*we are moving locations in Houston in January to a lovely and BIGGER service focused venue in the heart of Houston. So stay tuned to our newsletters and IG for updates on locations, events, special savings and MORE! Think NATURAL facials, Anti-aging facials with modalities like, micro current and more….Ozone SaunasInfrared Saunas, a GLOW bar for on-the-go self service facials, Oxygen and teen facialsorganic spray tanmakeup applications, mother daughter makeovers and so MUCH MORE! DID I forget to mention parties?! Plus, our amazing retail spot where you can always SHOP-THE-EDIT and your fave S2P products!

*we are taking this show on the road….we will be far and wide all over the country for events and POP UPS (and dare I say world) in 2020. So stay along for the ride! Especially on the gram and in the newsletter.

*we are expanding our team of capable estheticians, beauty experts, and wellness gurus so you always have what you need from us whether it is in store or ONLINE.


Without you, purists, our dedicated troops of clean beauty obsessed we would not be us! I cannot thank you enough for being along for the ride and be so gracious thru all of our growing pains. I will never forget the moment I published the first website on September 10,2017, or the first POP UP in Austin, Texas, or all of the over 15,000 purists I have had the pleasure of meeting virtually or in person. You have continue to be a large part of MY vision board and for that I thank you!

A special note to those who read this all the way thru…..a discount because, well, I love you! YOUMELOVES2P15 (Free Shipping $50+always)