Kirbe Schnoor - Video Podcast Host

Kirbe Schnoor - Video Podcast Host

Posted by Estela Cockrell

I grew up on an Almond farm in California and made my way to Texas right after college. I have been in media for 10 years - focused on the agriculture and livestock industries where I have reported on various issues and topics as well as being a sideline reporter at rodeos. Currently I am the host of KirbAppeal which is a new video podcast Lizzy and I started! Love spending time with my family and friends and absolutely love the city of Fort Worth. Travelling is a top priority as well as eating and drinking my way through various cities!

Why did you make the switch?

I was exposed to Switch2Pure from Lizzy and founder Estela and absolutely love the concept of the company and products. On a summer trip to Aspen - I became familiar with Switch2Pure and haven't looked back! Great feel for my face and body and knowing the products are safe for the skin is the best part.

Who is your favorite influencer or source?

I love following Morgan Stewart and her fashion journey through the years. Kathleen Jennings beauty is also hilarious and great for some tips and tricks.

Fave fashion statement or pieces?

Love a great blazer to dress up or down and especially a blazer dress.

Fave vacation spot?

So many to choose from but In the states I love heading back home and visiting Carmel, CA. The Amalfi Coast will always be a fave.

Fave Switch2Pure items?

Be Glowy Spraymini glow on the go skincare trioWash This body cleanser and Good and Glow body oil

Fave small business to support?

Restore and Revive in Fort Worth, great health and wellness spot

Why do you love Switch2Pure?

The concept behind the brand is wonderful and the products! The products are true to what they are and what they do. Obviously love Estela and why she started Switch2Pure - it makes it so easy to get behind, believe and buy!

Best advice you've received?

People will love you and people will hate you and none of it will have anything to do with you.

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Kirbe Schnoor - Video Podcast Host
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