Jumpstart Your January with Skincare 101

Jumpstart Your January with Skincare 101

Jan 8th 2021

With the holiday festivities well out of the way, it’s time to #JumpstartJanuary and get into shape (and we’re not talking about fitness here). As much as we love being fit – and trust me we do, skincare and beauty is really where you should be investing your time this year! #Ditch your mass-marketed, overly toxified products and #MakeTheSwitch.

There’s a lot of noise out there and sometimes it can be tricky to separate the magic from the marketing when it comes to what’s good and bad for your skin. Lucky for you, we read labels like it’s our job (it is). Good thing we’ve done the research for you, ahah…

So where should you start? Well, for one, did you know the EU has banned 1,300 ingredients (parabens included) from personal care and home products? What about the U.S. you ask? A meager 11. Meaning - just because it’s for sale and marketed as “natural” does not mean it is safe!

Studies have shown that, chronic, low-dose exposure can be bad for your health. And, we all (at Switch2Pure) know, that long-term use of organic, non-toxin skincare products like antioxidant rich oils, anti-aging serums, and exfoliating scrubs will glean a more youthful-looking skin for decades to come. When you start investing in your skin today, you are almost guaranteed a more beautiful, healthier looking skin.

So, it is time to say - Goodbye Toxins | Hello GLOW! While you are already cleansing, dieting, promising, and resolving for 2018…..let’s go ahead and #detox your body from the outside in! With extensive, organic, natural, safer, cruelty free product offerings. We are here and ready to help you #JumpstartJanuary and #MakeTheSwitch!

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Estela's Routine

I always dual cleanse morning and night... I have sensitive skin and hormonal induced hyperpigmentation.


1. Switch2Pure Bright + Shine Gel Cleanser

2. Source Vital Algae Wash or Source Vital Deep Scrub

3. Supernatural Body Poshen Hyaluronic Acid

4. Switch2Pure Well & Glow Rejuvenating Face Oil

5. Suntegrity 5 in 1 Tinted Moisturizer


1. Switch2Pure Be Glowy Hyaluronic Spray Serum

2. Juicy Bamboo Facial Wipes (to keep my face squeaky clean during the day.)


1. Suntegrity Vanish Oil

2. Switch2Pure Bright + Shine Gel Cleanser / Knours Your Only Cleanser

3. Source Custom Cocktail (Natural vitamin A, C, and antioxidants) or Switch2Pure Well & Glow Rejuvenating Face Oil

4.Eco Modern Pigmentation Serum

5. Supermood Youth Restoring Cream

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