Hayley Free Bordes - Lifestyle Blogger + Mama of 3

Hayley Free Bordes - Lifestyle Blogger + Mama of 3

Posted by Estela Cockrell on May 16th 2021

My name is Hayley Free Bordes. I am originally from Baton Rouge, LA, (Geaux Tigers!) but now reside in Friendswood, TX. My husband’s name is Randy. We have three daughters, McKenna, age 6, Rylan, age 2, and Peyton, age 8 months. I run the blog, Little Me and Free, which I started in 2016. I mostly post lifestyle pics and feature our family’s latest adventures. You will also find a ton of mommy and me outfits on my feed, as I love to dress us all alike when I can.

Why did you make the switch?

I was having major skin issues, and decided what I was doing was not working for my skin. 

Fave fashion statement or pieces?

I love a colorful handbag to add a pop of color to any outfit.