Experience the Pure Hydro Facial Treatment with Hayley

Experience the Pure Hydro Facial Treatment with Hayley

Posted by Estela Cockrell on Apr 26th 2021

Most facials are a deep skin cleanse to rid pores of impurities, exfoliate dead skin cells and treat common skin concerns. But all of our Holistic Facials are different than anything you can get at the Derm's office!

At Switch2Pure our seasoned estheticians provide performance-based facial treatments including deep hydrodermabrasion, needleless-mesotherapy, oxygen infusion and cold therapy. Your experience always begins with a complete skin analysis and recommendations. We have brought together powerful, organic and natural ingredients, years of experience by skin gurus and internationally acclaimed machines that are often found abroad and at physician’s offices. The Pure Hydro treatment is our signature peel and plump facial. This facial treatment infuses H20 + 02 to rejuvenate and balance the skin.

Watch the IGTV HERE to go through the treatment process with Hayley!


Intake Form + skin analysis

Photos for analysis and progress

Our skincare gurus will review your intake form + customize your facial!

Pure Hydro steps:

Cleanse with Bright & Shine

Dual cleanse with lactic acid

Steam to open pores

Hydradermabrasion: deeply exfoliates with powerful serums

High Frequency: improve texture and plumps

Hyaluronic acid + CBD-infused jelly mask to infuse antioxidants

Lymphatic Gua Sha neck massage with Be Chill to relieve tension

LED blue light: treat acne and repair

Cold Therapy with Well & Glow to reduce inflammation  and regenerate

Be Glowy and Crystal Roller to de-puff and plump


Expect to leave here glowing, plumped and hydrated! After 3-4 consecutive treatments you’ll notice what a difference these have made to your skin! Come experience medical-grade treatments in the comfort of our Wellery at a fraction of the cost!

Watch the IGTV to hear Hayley's true testimonial post treatment! Ready to BOOK? Check out all of our Facial Treatments here!