Donae Chramosta - The Vintage Contessa Tells All

Donae Chramosta - The Vintage Contessa Tells All

Posted by Estela Cockrell on Jun 21st 2021

My entrepreneurial husband and I created the Vintage Contessa & Times Past, an exceptionally curated collection of authentic, timeless pieces from across the globe that is personally vetted by our team of luxury experts. 

With over 30 years of expertise as internationally trusted luxury wholesalers and retailers, we created one of Houston’s most treasured showrooms with a magnitude of luxury products to suit every pocket, from vintage watches to rare coins to designer handbags and more.

We view every encounter as not merely a transaction but an opportunity to expand upon the genuine relationships we foster with their customers by valuing transparency and top-tier personalized service.

“Style is not just beautiful people, doing beautiful things in beautiful places,” the couple said. “Fashion may open the conversation but your personality and the stories you tell create the connection. When you buy, sell or trade with us, you become part of our narrative.”

Weekly we take you on an unpredictable yet luxurious journey with Facebook Live sales every Monday, Wacky Watch Wednesdays, the “Living the Authentic Life” podcast on Thursdays and social media giveaways. Stay tuned for dreamy summer vacations in partnership with luxury collaborators like Tavaero Jet Charter, the Post Oak Hotel and of course- Switch to Pure.

Why did you make the switch?

Covid gave us time as a family to stop and reflect, making a stronger commitment to our purpose in life. We made the conscious choice to lead healthier, more connected lives focused on wellness. Personally and as a brand we began to have more meaningful conversations with our immediate family and our Vintage Contessa family. When collaborating with other thought leaders, we are able to inspire those around us to live life to the fullest every day, choosing health and wellness.

Fave fashion statement or pieces?

The Dior brand is my latest fashion obsession but I still love the timeless classic style of Chanel closely followed by a portion of my heart left for accessories by Hermès & Louis Vuitton.

From the time I was a young girl, I loved handbags. My father would travel to Italy to purchase marble for our family business, returning with Gucci bags for both my mother and me.

I learned the art of high low dressing. Not every piece in a look needs to be a designer to create a fabulous aesthetic. I developed my personal style by mixing luxury pieces with classics or unique vintage finds.

Fave vacation spot?

We absolutely love to travel and are able to travel around the world for our business. It’s hard to choose one spot.

My favorite European getaway is Capri, IT for summer adventures with friends including boating, dining, cocktailing and of course SHOPPING!

My favorite domestic long weekend or week long vaca spot is Vail/ Beaver Creek, CO in the winter for snow skiing and summer for the Vail Dance Festival.

My favorite place to refuel in Texas for a quick weekend getaway is our family house in Key Allegro/ Rockport, TX. 

Fave S2P Skincare Items?

Be Glowy is my go to every day- twice a day or more favorite! I love the fresh scent and the glow I feel when wearing it. It’s also a great way to set your makeup.

Our picks for Donae: Gua ShaWell & GlowGood + Glow

Fave Switch2Pure beauty products?

I am now using the Saint Cosmetics liquid foundation. It has beautiful coverage yet I know I’m being kind to my skin. And I love the glow!!! 

Fave treatment?

The spray tan is THE BEST most natural glow I have EVER received. It was even, didn’t smell, didn’t come off in my sheets and is still looking great one week later. FABULOUS!! I’m hooked!! 

Fave body products?

I’m obsessed with the Be Chill. I use it before bed and it helps me sleep to the point I don’t have to take Tylenol PM at night any more. 

Why do you love Switch2Pure?

We love expressing ourselves through our style and our stories. A person’s confidence combined with their style is the first impression you make when you meet someone. A big party of style is your overall health, wellness and zest for life. These factors create your overall aura.

Style is not just beautiful people, doing beautiful things in beautiful places: style encompasses our lifestyle, health, wellness and the joy we choose.

The journey of health and beauty with Switch 2 Pure helps me become the best version of myself.