Crystal Roller How-To Guide

Crystal Roller How-To Guide

Posted by Estela Cockrell

Bye-Bye Painful Needles...

We're about that Pure + Clean Natural Lift! You guys can thank us later.

First things first:

Time to decide which crystal roller is right for your skincare needs! 

Jade Crystal Roller- Known for detoxifying, depuffing, extracting impurities, reducing wrinkles, and loose skin. It also promotes immunity and skin cell regeneration by calming the skin and encouraging lymphatic drainage. We're crushin' hard!        

Switch2pure mini jade crystal roller

Switch2pure rose quartz crystal rollers

Rose Quartz Crystal Roller - Best known for it's anti-aging, infusing skin with much-needed magnesium, iron, & oxygen, reducing inflammation, supporting the natural renewal of skin cells, and the flushing of old skin cells.

Great for those over the age of 40! (P.S. Everyone will want to know your secret!)

  • We recommend the Rose Quartz for more mature skin as it really helps to remineralize the skin.
  • We suggest Jade for younger, general anti-aging.
  • The jade with ridges is great for deep wrinkles and dark circles as it works immensely well for lymphatic drainage.
  • The smaller one-sided mini rollers are easy to use and mobile (the small side/dual sided and the mini roller are good if dark circles under the eye are the main concern).

Step 1:

Finish your cleansing and exfoliating routine.

Step 2:

Move on to your moisturizer, oil or serum. Apply the product to the skin.

Step 3:

Now Get Rollin'! See our IGTV on the exact strokes. Remember this is your enjoy this unique process!

(P.S. leave your new crystal roller bedside so that you remember to use it nightly after your serum & with your oil! or in the refrigerator is AM puff is your enemy. Always leave in the case or a plate of Himalayan Salt)

Switch2pure mini jade crystal roller

Read on your for your Best Rolling Practices!

Switch2pure founder Estela Cockrell: Crystal roller how to guide


Gently roll the small end of the crystal roller 3 times around the eye socket. Start from the upper inner edge where your nose hits your brow (there is a pressure point that is more sensitive than the rest of the area, this drains the sinuses when stimulated and great for those who suffer from seasonal allergies!) and move outwards. Always wanting to stroke outwards and up. Roll around the top and under the eye towards the tear duct, rocking it gently as you go. All of these outward and upward strokes help to detoxify and to depuff.


From the center of the forehead, moving either left or right, begin at the hairline, rolling slowly towards the ear again out and slightly up. Repeat. Some people who use injections are scared that overuse on the forehead can cause issues. We say roll away!

Nose, Lips, and Chin

Using the large side of the roller, work from the nose out towards the ear. Continue with upper lip, lower lip and the chin. At the chin follow along the lower jawline to under the ear lobe. Then repeat with the other side.

For Sinus Pain and Pressure

Steam or use a warm washcloth to heat the area add eucalyptus essential oil to really aid the drainage. Starting just above your eyebrows, using the smaller roller, roll from the center of your face as indicated and continue down to just below your cheekbones.


Who needs acupuncture when you can use a crystal roller to relieve tension + eliminate toxins?! Facial acupressure combines lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins + relax facial tension, it can even relieve headaches + congestion! This can give you an overall calming feeling + can be done a few times per week at the beginning or end of day!

Jawline and Neck

Starting on the chin, work downwards. Then at the center, make sweeping rolls under the chin towards the collar bone, working outwards to the sides of the neck.

To clean your roller, use alcohol or essential not submerge in water and soap as the metal and crystal will erode.

Ditch your fine lines & wrinkles today for one of our Crystal Rollers, HEREPS - Don't forget the masks for queens (depuff and remineralize the skin) and pretty much a spa experience in a mask! 

Crystal roller how-to-guide

  • AM (leave in refrigerator and use in the morning to depuff)
  • PM (leave bedside and use at night to penetrate product and stimulate cell turn over)
  • (P.S. leave your new crystal roller bedside so that you remember to use it nightly after your serum & with your oil! or in the refrigerator is AM puff is your enemy. Always leave in the case or a plate of Himalayan Salt)
  • Leave in the box for sanitation and pop the crystal off and wash with water or alcohol or our Olika hand sanitizer.
  • Never use crystal roller on dry skin... this pulls and stretches the skin. It is best to apply an oil/serum before rolling and, conveniently, the roller will help penetrate the serum deeper into your skin. An oil we recommend is Well & Glow or serum Uma Anti-Aging Face Oil.

Check out Crystal Roller How-To Video and head to Instagram @switch.2pure to learn more, pro tips and latest offers!

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