Brittany Van Domelen, Mother of 2, Yoga Queen

Brittany Van Domelen, Mother of 2, Yoga Queen

Posted by Estela Cockrell on Sep 21st 2020

FAVE season staple beauty skin care home product:

HoneyBelle Lip Balm - this is never not on my lips, especially in Aspen where it is cold and dry!

Fave fashion statement this year:

Burgundy and Marigold anything. I’m usually a black, white and grey gal - but I was totally into these two fall colors.

Fave health and wellness tip:

Do something active every day. For me, the endorphins are essential to my daily life.

Fave skincare products:

Switch2Pure Be Glowy

Rhonda Allison Growth Factor Serum

Switch2Pure Nourish Bar 

Switch2Pure Be Chill

Intelligent Elixer Total Eye Repair

Fave beauty products:

Fitglow Lip Serum

Suntegrity 5-in1

Lily Lolo Cheek Duo

Why I switched:

I am a research freak when it comes to nutrition + fitness, but not so much when it comes to product. It takes a lot of time to go through ingredients and there are so many hidden dangers, it scares me! I switched because S2P does the research for me! I can go online and trust them 100%! I'm so excited to carry S2P at my yoga studio in Aspen!

Fave vacay spot:

I spent time at Como Shambala in Ubud, Bali two years ago and I am dying to go back. Usually I come back from vacation feeling like I’ve indulged a little too much but this time, I came back home feeling better than ever. I walked in the door and Como Shambala catered all activities and meals to my food allergies and how I was feeling mentally and physically at that time!

FAVE Blogger/Trendsetter:

I'm a such fan of Kate Hudson! Her inner beauty follows her outer beauty. I love what she is doing with Fabletics. Most of all, she preaches happiness and giving back and that inspires me.