Beth Guinn, Travel Guru

Beth Guinn, Travel Guru

Posted by Estela Cockrell on May 20th 2021

Busy mom of two, Reagan 8 and Stephen 10. Husband is an entrepreneur. I grew up in Houston and left for college at CU Boulder then returned to go to Culinary school then met Steve and my dream life as a wife and mommy began! I’m passionate about health and fitness as well as travel, food and wine! They all go hand in hand which then brought me to my new career as a luxury travel consultant and trip designer. I have been in the industry for almost 2 years and am currently working on some exciting new ventures to add to my travel career.

Why did you make the switch?

I believe what you eat truly fuels your body and mind. After a few discussions with some beautiful women in the skin care industry, I realized the things we put on our skin and nails and hair (Hello BEAUTY POWDER!) is just as important as the nutrition and food we fuel our bodies with. So, there was the Switch 2 Pure!

Who is your favorite influencer or source?

I love Molly Sims. She is so real and embraces life as a mom but still makes her career, health and beauty a priority. Plus she loves fashion, health, fitness, food and wine and cocktails…all my favorite things! And she loves a good amazon purchase…me too!

I also love Ali Landry, another mom and wife who manages a career and a happy family as well as staying beautiful and fit!

I also love following European influencers to see what trends are in the future as I feel the Parisians and Italians are always a few steps ahead. 

Fave fashion statement or pieces?

Simple and feminine. I love a fabulous maxi dress and Valentino stud sandals. I’m all about simplicity which is why I prefer a dress…only need one piece and voila!

Fave vacation spot?

Oh this is a tough one. I don’t have just one. It depends on the season and my mood. Paris, I love Audrey Hepburn's quote, “Paris is always a good idea”. The food, fashion, history, museums, art and WINE! I’m happiest when I’m near or in water, that could be a pristine lake in Switzerland or a rushing river in Idaho or the ocean in Mexico and Hawaii. I am on a mission to not repeat the same vacation twice until I have explored the world. I’ll keep you posted.


Fave S2P Skincare Items?

Obsessed with Be Glowy and my konjac sponge

Our picks for Beth: Bright & ShineSheet Masks (for travel!), Travel Toothpaste

Fave Switch2Pure beauty products?

The Collagen Powder is fabulous as well as the Fitglow line

Fave facial treatment?

Anything by Jamie at S2P! (check out our offers HERE)

Fave body products?

All S2P collection and cool WATER with lemon..couldn’t live without raw coconut oil for all things.

Fave Small Business to support?

I love supporting local business and bringing money back to our community by spending locally. My dear friend, Lindsey Mousoudakis owns an online boutique called Muse. She always has the best fashion finds. Love all of our local restaurants and chefs. 

Why do you love Switch2Pure?

We all know the importance of fueling our bodies and minds with nourishing organic and pure foods but we may not realize that as our skin is our largest organ, we need to honor that and treat it as we would anything else…with pure goodness that adds to our skins happiness. We are not getting younger … so we all need to take care of the bodies we have been given.