5 Switch2Pure Nail Tips for Your Next Salon Visit

5 Switch2Pure Nail Tips for Your Next Salon Visit

Jul 28th 2020

We love the idea of a weekly or bi-monthly mani/pedi. It is part self care, part me-time, part-general fabulousness. We offer amazing #7Free NAILS to achieve your flawless look with non-toxic polish. For those of you staying home for a mani/pedi see our blog on HOW TO. The routine, the experience, the end result are all amazing and which is why we KEEP going back for more. Although we all have good intentions of knocking that mani/pedi out ourselves, Let's be real here.. We not only stink at painting our own nails but who has the time?! The nail salon process on the other hand can be easier but a little S2P insight -- Beware of the polishes they are using at most typical nail salons.. there might hidden toxins in your favorite "trusted" polishes!

To find out the dirty lil secrets (& the hazardous ingredients they hide in) behind your favorite mani + pedi... READ ON!

When I am out and about talking to purists around the country about nail-care they often say things like "I don't do my own nails so I don't need my own nail polish." The TRUTH is that nail salon trips deserve their very own base coat, nail color, and top coat. (That $65 investment and your choice of colors will last ALL year and a lifetime of peace-of-mind.) Each time you use a salon color you are sharing the color with everyone else who has gone before you. UH, GROSS, we know! Not to mention most salons carry polishes laced with toxic ingredients like Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, TPHP, Xylene.

If you decide it's time to go to the traditional nail salon, We have some Hints + Tips to keep in mind for a safer Nail Salon experience:

1) Take your own goody bag with your very own base coat, color, and top coat (our Lauren B. Gel Like coats are the longest lasting ones around so pick those up HERE!)

2) Take your own files and buffers (and our First Aid Spray to disinfect those nail beds instead of acetone). Along with nail files, anything that’s porous — think wooden tools, orange sticks, pumice stones, can harbor and breed bacteria, so they should always be new. Even your personal ones should be tossed in about 8 weeks or so.

3) If you must use the water at a traditional salon, make sure they are jet free basins, and take essential oils like Clove Oil or Tea Tree and add several drops to help disinfect the water. Avoid jets at all costs.

4) Make sure that the metal tools have been thoroughly disinfected not just left under a UV light (UV isn't strong enough to disinfect all bacteria) but have gone through a proper disinfecting process.

5) Make sure each station is cleaned and disinfected after each treatment (just like at the doctor's office).

6) Rid of aches, pains, and dry/cracking skin by using Be Chill & our Gua Sha for a foot massage.

7) Spray Be Glowy serum on fingers/toes both before & after treatment for hydrated, nourished nails & cuticles.

If you can avoid a traditional nail salon and there is a safer option near you, We recommend that experience. These luxury, safer salons go through great lengths to keep the air you breath, the basins you use, and the tools safer & cleaner!

Believe it or not -- There are Mani & Pedi safer, non-toxic nail salons popping up around the country in major cities! Do some digging to find one near you! In Houston, Austin, NYC, and LA there are a few fabulous ones like Paloma Nail Salon (pictured below), TENoverTEN, Base Coat in LA (to name a few fabulous ones Team Switch has tried!) Let us know if you find/have tried a Safer Salon as we would love to share your *Purist Approved* Nail Salons with others.

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